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Yesterday was guild day in Burrits Rapids. Holy cow, what a feast! Have I mentioned that in the BR guild we each take on a meeting and do the food – have I also mentioned I DON’T COOK! so guild day I enjoy alllllll the food others cook and display so beautifully (and for some reason??? people tend to take pity on Gord who usually drives me to guild – is there method behind his madness – and load him up with a plateful of home made goodies!) Well 3 ladies yesterday did the Shamrock Day (which is what it was called when I was a kid – now of course everyone calls it St. Patricks Day) food. Everything was green – and not the green that normally appears on food in my house! and decorated with shamrocks. It was such fun and sooooooo good!!!

Heather joined us for the day and brought along her amazing Deane Fitzpatrick rug for show and tell. It is fullllll of textures (click on the photo and you will be able to see all the texture in the enlargement) and just so beautiful:

Grayce brought her finished mittens which she made to match the sheep purse she did last year:

AND THEN on the way home we hit the junk man in Rideau Ferry. They had cleared out and cleaned up so much much easier to get around in the barn (still not easy to get around in the house or are my hips getting even bigger?) but I found the perfect hooks for my salvage shelf, a beautiful little blue drawer that I will hook a piece for – can you believe on the side it is imprinted – nickeled hooks. Seems to be made out of recycled wood but all beautifully dovetailed and such a pretty blue on 2 sides. ANNNNNNNNDDDD I found a wonderful shoe shine kit which holds my townsend cutter so beautifully so that I am not going to have to bring along a table whenever I take my cutter someplace! I saw this idea on Karen Kahle’s blog and could not believe that I found the perfect old box yesterday! One leg needs a little lifting but other than that it is perfect!!! Saw many other wonderful items – a primitive old footstool with amazing patina, an absolutely beautiful wooden trunk that I am coveting and a delicate old brass birdcage. The birdcage is something I have never seen before and it is in impeccable condition – well other than the fact that the bottom is missing – just trying to think of where I would put it and justify the $ (well make that $$). So all in all a great guild and junking day. Today back to my KK rug and a KK tote bag that I started 2 days ago – hooking is done and just have to sew it together this weekend!


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  1. Thanks for this post Loretta. The Deanna Fitzpatrick-type rug is lovely…but the foreground in it is SPECTACULAR…I can just feel that nfld vegetation. And your junk finds are enviable too…now of course I too want a shoeshine box that would support my Townsend cutter. The photos of KK’s workshop make me drool…gee, maybe I should try cleaning my own studio as a starting point! By the way, when the BR guild takes the turn to meet at your house, let me know if you need emergency help on the food front 🙂

  2. I think Heather’s DF rug is absolutely stunning. Now she mayyyyy be changing the sky and taking out the paisleys as I think she found them distracting. I tend to agree with her – will see what the final effort reveals. Isnt that shoebox idea wonderful!!! and dont you life my find! I want to move into Karen’s workshop! i think a bed in the corner and i could be very happy…
    ha ha – funnnnnnny girl (food I mean!) but hmmmm may take you up on that …. Lor

  3. Hmmmm a blue box………..would definately look terrific in my house! Not your colours so you might have to let that go 🙂


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