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If you have not been following Karen Kahle’s blog – DO SO. She is doing a free online tutorial and it is wonderful. Here is her blog page: Isn’t her studio absolutely gorgeous and inspiring!

I just added this kit to the on line store. This kit is full of textures and yarns and is a fun piece to hook.

New visitors – hmmm could it be all the stale bread I have been putting out for the birds? or the monstrous piles of seeds? or the buckets of grain for the deer? or might it be the tiny chocolate biscotti I offered them!  We had 7 last night – 2 stuck inside the feeder, one on the post with its head inside the feeder and 4 on the ground! I know that I should not encourage wildlife to hang around our house but they are soooooo cute!  Had another mousecapade the other day – there was a little one in the live trap. Well, to remind Gord to take him out to his garage home I put the trap on the far end of the counter where the cat proceeded to sniff the trap and KNOCK IT ON THE FLOOR. Mouse escaped of course and Gord and I slid around the floor on our knees trying to catch it – which we did. Mouse was safely transported to the garage but I was left nursing raw knees! So better outdoor wildlife than indoor!

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  1. your next kit –
    raccoons in the birdhouse!

  2. Yeah – noone told them it was a BIRDHOUSE!!!!… 🙂

  3. I agree with Cindy. Raccoons in a birdhouse would be an hilarious kit for sure

  4. They are so cute but honestly, Loretta…releasing a mouse in your garage will only bring it back into the home….you guys are funny and so nice! I hate meeses to pieces :-)))

  5. oh but little mousicles in winter would not be fun Julie!!! :-)…

  6. Charming house. I can feel the mist from that grey sky!


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