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So last post I mentioned that I would share a picture and formula for the colour that I discovered because my math skills are somewhat lacking!!!!! could not remember how to multiply when I was converting 2/32 TSP by 8 – or was it because I did not have my glasses on and I cannot read anything that is less than 3 feet away and my arms are too short! I almost need to leave a pair of reading glasses in every room of the house (forget the chain with glasses hanging around the neck – lost a 450.00 pair of bifocals on a lovely silver and blown glass bead chain  dumpster diving a few years ago). Anyway the formula would make a wonderful background for an antique inspired rug so here it is:

1/2 tsp Cushings Golden Brown

2/16 Cushings Orange

1/16 Cushings Medium Brown

2/16 Prochem 199

over a mix of lights – 3 yards!!!!!

So Iawah weekend was wonderful! We ate too much, laughed too much, slept too little and hooked a lot! The weekend is always full of inspiration and excitement as we check out everyones projects from the previous year, compare our challenge pieces, talk about future projects and participate in workshops. Below are the fraktur challenge pieces that were done since last year’s retreat. Some are hooked, some are appliqued, some are punched – the challenge can be interpreted in any medium or fashion you wish. Next year’s challenge has been set – Canadiana! So it will be interesting next year to see how this is interpreted by all the participants. 

On of the 3 wire and recycled button trees made by Betty:

A few of the wool feather trees made in the workshop – the first one includes a carved santa by Karen – done in a class with Donna our resident carving guru! Karen did a wonderful job on her santa – he has a little winter scene painted around the base! Totally wonderful! The recycled tin bases on the feather trees were made by Wendy’s husband Vince and were an amazing addition to the feather trees.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of some of the other pieces being worked on or brought for show and tell.

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  1. Everything looks so wonderful. What a fun weekend we had. You forgot to include a picture of your fraktur. I know you posted it earlier but it would have looked nice with the other challenges. Too bad we forgot to take a group shot this year.

  2. I love these ‘feather’ trees. The button tree is delightful. Makes me think I could do something with my mother’s button collection passed down from my grandmother and landed in my house. The rugs are beautiful.

  3. Hmmmm I totally forgot about my own Donna have now put it in! thanks for the reminder…

  4. Trish the feather trees look even better in real life and the button trees (Betty made 3) are fabulous!!!! definitely fun pieces…. so if you have handed down buttons this is a great way to display some of them…

  5. thanks for posting all the pics, can’t wait till we are in the “hooker home” together and get to display all this eye candy for us to look at every day…make sure we have lots of floor and wall space! Such a bummer coming down from Iawah-can’t we do this every weekend?

  6. well you KNOW I asked a few times if I could volunteer Gord and come for meals at Iawah!!!! So I am sure if we work it right we could move in! haha The good thing about having those rugs on display in our “hooker home” is that every night we will forget we ever saw them and every morning they will be a new experience!!!!


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