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In my last post I said the footstool was done by Sandi – it was DIANE’S…. sooo sorry!!!

WOW Iawah weekend is coming up in 1 day and I am soooooo in need of this weekend of hooking, inspiration and fun! and great food prepared by our wonderful chefs at the camp… I have posted below a few pictures of last years camp rug display. Every year we have a challenge – last year’s was geometrics. This year it is Fraktur and who knows what it will be next year. We also try to work in a workshop of some sort – 2 years ago Betty taught wire fish, last year I taught hooked purses and Laura taught felting, this year Linda is teaching woolen feather trees and Betty is helping us make wire and button trees. So I hope to have lots of great pix to post again on Monday. Snow day today – it was supposed to be guild day but we got SNOOOOOOWWWW and guild was cancelled. Does that mean I get to eat all the goodies I had bought and baked hmmm or should I take them to camp tomorrow night!!!!!

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  1. Loretta,

    You must post these “feather” trees, I am so curious and did you talk to her?? Have a great weekend. It sounds like a hoot!!


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