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Yesterday I posted a picture if my mini chicken rug with the carved chickens on the frames.  Reminded me that our friend Donna is an amazing carver and over the years has carved many pieces for us that we have used to frame our rugs. I am going to try to find some of these pix but here is one of Elizabeth with the beautiful frame that Donna carved and put together for Elizabeth’s chicken rug. Isn’t this a wonderful different way to display our rugs. In addition, there are pictures of Sandi’s footstool (I still have one of these unfinished footstools left at 75.00), Andrea’s repurposed trays, Laura’s geometric in a tramp art frame she got for I think $5.00!, Andrea’s framed rug. So be on the hunt, ladies, for all those funky, junky pieces that you can repurpose as interesting ways to display your rugs!


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  1. Don’t we have fun! I will borrow that photo of Elizabeth with her rug as I don’t have a pic of that carving in my files. Thanks for posting it. I still covet Laura’s tramp art frame.

  2. Are you wanting to sell that foot stool that you mentioned? I have been looking for one to use with my favorite wing chair. It would be rather neat to hook something with which to cover it. Let me know.

    love the blogs. Keep em coming. They are inspiring.

  3. Great post. Love the rugs and frames pictured!


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