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How exciting!  Patti Wheeler made the moose that I posted last September.  He is just soooo sweet – makes a wonderful Christmas ornament but also stands!!!! really well and could be a freestanding little sculpture.  Patti commented that she is back and ready to make more of these so here is her contact info  I know there were a lot of people who were interested in the moose so please contact Patti. He is just tooooo sweet!

Today I hooked – well actually I hooked yesterday as well. Felt so good as it had been almost a week that I had not held a hook and pulled a loop. Worked on a few more blocks of my Karen Kahle Apothecary Rose – 4 more blocks to go and the border! This is a bigggg rug! and I am very happy with it. Unfortunately my cats also love it! Everytime I put it down one of them comes sneaking in and lies on it – Karen what did you put in that wool! A little catnip maybe?

Anyway today I pulled out a frame that Gord had attached a couple of carved chickens (done by Doug Purdy) to and I hooked a small piece to go inside the frame. Hooking pieces to go INTO a frame is always difficult – you start off with the exact size marked on your backing but invariably it stretches and shrinks as you hook it. In the end I rehooked the one row border 3 times before it fit – perfectly – inside the opening of the frame. Here is my little chicken mat hooked entirely from my scrap basket! Still have to lace it across the back, put a cover on the back of the frame and THEN glue those chickens in place (one needs a little adjusting as his post is too long! But a fun piece to play with on a lovely sunny day.


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  1. I love your chicken frame and rug.
    I would also like to get in touch with Patti. Where does she live? May be she gives classes.

  2. I also love your rug and frame. Giving me some ideas even though I can’t carve as primitively as Doug does.

  3. Hi Louise I think Patti must live up in the Kincardine area as I found her moose at the local art shop It WOULD be fun to take a class with her – why dont you contact her and see where she is….Lor

  4. ahhhhhh but Donna you have done frames for us with amazing carvings on them ….


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