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So have you noticed yet that my colours and rugs are usually variations of yellow, green and red – all more aged and dirty and yellow based? Well yesterday I had to dye one fat 8th of redgrape for one of the ladies at the guild – but OF COURSE I would never dye just one fat 8th of ANY colour. So instead I did a few yards using the formula for red grape in Susan Logues dye book using Magic Carpet dyes. Came out beautifully over a bunch of different base colours and textures but I had a ton of soaked wool left and figured – what the heck! Maybe this will be my impetus to actually hook a rug with redgrape in it! But being rather lazy I did not want to mix up the same formula again plus I thought that a variation of the colour might be nice so discovered from my Cushings colour chart that there was actually a dye called hmmm REDGRAPE! and honestly it looks pretty darn close. The redgrape formula uses red, bottle green and red violet and I find it comes out wonderfully mottled with bits of the various colours coming through – the Cushings redgrape is more uniform in colour – but this made a wonderful collection which I will now use with a more blue based green and some pinks (SURREE like that is going to happen!)!!! 🙂 (the picture is a bit more pinky than the colours are in reality – they are actually more grapey!)

Now I need to start working on my fraktur challenge which is due in hmmm a couple of weeks! And that I will do in more traditional Fraktur colours – but aged of course – and that would be yellow, red and green!!!! and of course black!

Well the deer have become rather aggressive and piggish! Every morning the minute it becomes light out I see them standing by the deer feeder eyeing the house! They seem to wait now until we actually go out to feed them and have  no fear (probably not good if it were hunting season!) – in fact last week the big buck waited until Gord was only a few feet away and then started stamping his feet (hooves?) and snorting. I imagine he was telling Gord to get on with it – fill my feeder! Yesterday morning there were 7 deer and 2 turkeys:

I am sooo excited – I just found out that there will be another rug show in Vermont at the Shelburne Museum this year Nov 10 to 18 – here is the website – hope many of you can make it to this wonderful show:

Now, for those of you who, like me, might be addicted to junk and salvage and antiques check this out – I will definitely be going!

Everyone is welcome!

5th Annual Feb. Thaw SALE at Balleycanoe &Co.


Feb. 18th & 19th

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Refreshments provided!

Heated workshop but dress warmly for the barn.


Reductions of 20% and more on our entire inventory:

19th C. Architectural Salvage

All of our vast selection of doors, gingerbread, architectural hardware, tin, brackets, fireplace mantles, porch posts, columns, newel posts, balustrade, shutters, floor grates, stove pipe collars, etc.

Plus our inventory of antiques,

folk art, “smalls”, “neat stuff”, 

and paintings by “JASorensen”

All sales are final

Cash or cheque

Larger items may be stored for later delivery or pick up

For map and examples of stock, check out our website:

For more information:

Call John Sorensen 613-659-3874

Or email:

150 Rockfield Rd., Mallorytown, Ont.



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  1. Lauretta, Great colors and just in time for Valentine’s, not hooked of course. What a thrill to see the transformation, no? And yes, Shelburn back again!!!! Need to ask you, were you one of the lovely people who came on the bus to the show last fall? Just thinking, we may have talked….Hope to see you there in the fall.

  2. Hi Jane actually I drove down with my husband who loves the show, encourages me to buy buy buy and generally has a lot of estrogen! haha (god I hope he does not read this!) and met friends a the show in the parking lot on the Saturday morning.. But hope to meet you one of these days…

    I think that is one of the things that excites me most about dyeing is seeing the transformation, feeling the wool and the various textures and seeing how each piece is soooo different from the next even though they are dyed together.

  3. Hi Loretta…Molly and I have been to the Shelbourne Museum a couple of times and their display of hooked rugs is wonderful. I imagine a rug show at that location would be fantastic. Bring comfortable walking shoes and plan to spend an extra day if you can. The collection of antiques and art is vast and spread out over 20 plus acres. Molly loves the results of your red grape dye by the way!
    Thank you for including my sale at Balleycanoe & Co. ( Liz is right…we do need to support each other. Be sure to let me know of any events you and other artists are doing and I will try to do the same in my web site/blog.

    I look forward to seeing you at my Feb Thaw Sale on the 18th or 19th.

    • Hi John Have been to your place a few times and LOOOOVVVEE it – now if only Gord had vision!!! haha Looking forward to seeing you during your big sale. Liz is an amazing “connector” of artists!

  4. Wonderful palette of colours, Loretta… spitting out the seeds..Pat

  5. ohhh watermellon or berries? haha or grapes? never eat those seeds – you know what happens!!!!!….loretta

  6. Oh Loretta: What beautiful colours. Makes me want to hook a child’s rug. Maybe I should start my pink, berry, grape stash soon. Looking forward to buying some from you in April.

  7. hmmmm may have to do more of these “spring like” colours – seems to have gotten everyone excited!


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