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So today I have been doing a bit of dyeing – spot dyes for France’s big (biggggggg) leaf rug. She has a lot of wonderful red leaves so I did up two spot dyes to mix into the reds and red browns and orangey reds – Nasturtium and Prism’s 1 both from the book Prisms #1 by Claire deRoos. If you like spot dyes this is a great book – the spot dyes are dead easy and always turn out well. I dyed the entire formula over half a yard rather than the recommended 1 yard as I wanted very intense dark colours plus I do my spot dyeing in the micro wave (living in Ontario on a Smart Meter I have to dye during cheap hours! or find ways to dye that are not as expensive and 10 minutes in the microwave and a good resting period afterwards versus 1 hour in the oven saves a lot of pennies!). Here are my finished spots over natural and oatmeal (for a little texture):

Have I mentioned before that I belong to a group of amazing creative ladies – not only do they hook, quilt, create but now they are carving. Our friend Donna is an amazing folk art carver and has been teaching the girls how to carve so for 3 Sundays they have been getting together and carving and painting – yesterday they finished their pieces. Keep in mind that although some are a bit more experienced – Wendy had never carved before:

This is Wendy’s carving along with a mini birdhouse made by her husband Vince and a box for the wool feather trees some of us will be making at Camp Iawah retreat in a few weeks:

Love it when the husbands are just as creative as the wives!!!!!

Have done a bit more work on my KK rug – but holy cow still tonnnnnnsss to do – I think this will be a longgggg project!:


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  1. WOW! I’m lovin’ those Santas! I carved one myself years ago – it turned out great and I love it – but I’ve never done anymore.

  2. WELLL Gayle!! I hope this has inspired you to try again. One day I will post pix of some of the carvings Donna has done for me – they are really wonderful! and obviously she is a great teacher!

  3. Those Santas are truly wonderful! Congratulations, Wendy,……………. Donna and all.
    I’m assuming you are carving wood…..balsam? Pat

  4. Yes they are carved out of balsam wood – pretty cool huh….

  5. Where can I buy one? No time like the present to get ready for Christmas next year. Does she have a contract number, a website or email address?

  6. Long project, but it’s beautiful!

  7. Really like the rup of blocks of flowers. The colors are so good and old looking. Julianne Kansas


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