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During our class we had a display of rugs previously done by some of the students in the class. For those of us travelling flying distance and limited to carry on luggage without being charged by the airline (we DID bring a big golf bag for which we were charged but it had TONSSSSS of space inside it that could be filled with wool and patterns) bringing along rugs for display was just not an option but the local ladies brought along some wonderful pieces for the display. So here are some more inspiring pix for you to enjoy. The tree had ornaments for sale – almost bought 12 to pass off as handmade by me in our ornament exchange in december but knew I would be found out!!! The 4 small pieces were being hooked by Kathy’s husband Larry and are post cards of California. The Santa in progress is being hooked by Diane – our organizer – and was started in a class with the designer Tish Murphy (where I get my mitten kits) and is absolutely stunning! The 2 cats, chickens and 2 dogs in progress are very primitive pieces by Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art – I love her designs and the old antique look of her rugs. I wish  my memory were better and that I could remember who hooked allllll the rugs – but enjoy! Oh did I mention that one day during lunch I WON a kit! I NEVER EVER win anything and this was a pattern I had planned to buy! So exciting!!!


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  1. thanks for the pix…I adore the chicken with his cart, just love the prim!


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