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Well my faith in human nature has been restored! We were missing a wonderful bottle of Tuaca – a vanilla based liqueur which you cannot buy in Canada it seems or anyway but the southwest! I don’t drink but Gord loves to make a concoction which he calls Hot Apple Pie which consists of hot apple cider, spiced rum, tuaca, a cinnamon stick all topped with a dollop of whipped cream! But he had only about an ounce of tuaca left at Christmas so only served himself! Well we bought the bottle in Arizona and packed it in the golf bag surrounded by wool – lots and lots of soft cushioning wool – only to arrive at customs (did not get the pat down but did get our luggage checked – hmmm wonder why? could it have been the bulging suitcases?) and no bottle in the wool! I was a tad ticked and was on the verge of calling the airline to complain when Gord remembered he had stuffed it in one of the pockets of his golf bag. I can just picture him on the golf course discovering the missing bottle of Tuaca and imbibing! Anyway I felt badly for a few minutes – but not too long! Security now is just crazy – I got the full imaging or whatever they call it, had to take my shoes off and expose my toenail sticking through the hole in my sock and almost had to have my hand swabbed! Soon at the airports in Canada at US security they might be implementing a finger and eye scan system! Almost makes flying not worth while – imagine how much more wool I could have brought back stuffed in a car!

So today I am posting the pictures of the actual class rugs – yesterday I showed only Karen’s rugs. Tomorrow I will post pix of the rugshow! Yeahhhhhh – 3 days of pictures!!!! In addition, you can see more pix and read more about the class on the following blogs and websites (all students in the class):

Kathy Clark……,

Carol Miller…

Lisa McComb…

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  1. Wendy, LouiseX2, Donna, Karen

    which rug is yours Lor? we guess the last pic is yours…cause you are a overachiever and we guess its your lovely colour scheme?…there are 5 women here carving at Louise’s checking out your schedule…we are booking you for June 9th weekend for a hooker’s get away at Louise R.

    • Oh God you know me wayyyyyyyy tooooo well – yup the last one above the class photo is mine! but also you can see that i deviated – everyone else’s rugs look so soft and old and worn and mine is BRIGHT! but not so much in real life! hope you are all having a blast carving – cannot wait to see the finished pieces especially since Wendy I think you thought you were carving an ornament!! haha… yup that weekend works for me and come hell or high water I will be there this year – no guests or shows!!!!

  2. Wendy, LouiseX2, Donna, Karen

    YEAH x5!!!!
    its a date…now what about August to Madison-Bouckville Antique Show?(Actually 1000 flea market dealers)3rd week of August…we will get back to you in a few minutes…oh and Ithaca on the way back…

  3. surrrreee plan my entire life!!!!! August is pretty open so better get that date set soon….:-)


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