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So there are definite advantages to not having a ton of clothing – took me 5 minutes to pack for 9 days! Gord on the other hand is a bit of a clothes horse! He LOOOVVVEEEES clothes and has closets full – one closet specifically for his GOLF clothes (I must confess I have my hopeful closet – hopeful that some day I will fit back into these clothes and that they will once again be in style – will BIGGGG shoulder pads ever come back? nah probably not!!!!!). Anyway it took Gord longer to pack his bag than it did to paint the stairwell! How many belts does one need to take along – one belt! you can only wear one at a time!!!! But no – must have a black and a brown belt! and then the black one was scuffed – where is the black shoe polish! Like I have polished a pair of shoes in over 25 years! I wear crocs from hmmm April to November and then running shoes and boots! My boots are rubber and nylon – they don’t NEEEEED polishing! In addition, I told him that IF you put shoe polish on your belt expect it all over your clothes afterwards! But the silver buckle was tarnished – so out came the polishing cloth (which has not touched silverware in hmm yup 25 years!) and the buckle now glows like the north star! If we get lost in the desert in the dark I will be able to find Gord if the stars are out! He will shine just as bright! Anyway I don’t have to pack his bags so suppose I should not complain! 🙂

Second hat is done and I am getting better at this – did not really have to think too much about how to construct it! So one more hat and I will be ready to do up patterns and instructions and even teach a class! This one is very bright – one thing I realised is that there is not a ton of room for a hooking design as they are only 3 inches wide and about 24 – 25 inches long. So Gord suggested a reallllllly longgg skinny wiener dog! Wouldn’t that be a hoot. But I am thinking more along the lines of geometrics – clamshells, spirals, log cabin blocks or maybe a whole line of sheep bounding around the brim of my hat! In any event, this one was such fun to do – full of little bits and scraps from my basket and bags – including yarns, slubs and locks!


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  1. The country Mouse

    Another great chapeau…wow!! Coloured stitching on top sure adds a touch of pizzaz.

    Yes, yes, agree with Wendy…take those hats to Arizona. And, while you’re at it, what about a pair of hooked mitts and hooked purse? Hope, in your 5 min. packing, you included an outfit to co-ordinate with these accessories…our Crazy Canuck fashion image is at stake here. Counting on you not to let us down…we know Gord is doing his part with the belts and shiny buckle!!

    Bon Voyage.

  2. hmmmm wish I had hooked an Habs hat! or mitts!!! haha

    • The Country Mouse

      Still plenty of time to hook more winter outerwear…after all, it’s only Monday and you’re not leaving just yet!!! Plus you’ll have all those hours of travelling time…what a great way to keep occupied while Gord drives!! Oh, the possiblities are endless…think of all the Sens, Leafs, Jets fans, too, who will want hats, etc. in their team colours. And what about the red/white maple leaf that is universally recognized as Canadian? Awesome…can tell you are on to something good, here!

  3. ggggrrrreeeat hat Loretta…I want to make one for sure. Just remember, some heads are astonishingly bigger than 25 inches in circumference. Maybe this could be my Iawah project? Since I haven’t been able to bring myself to tackle that d&#2m big beaver rug?

  4. Love the hats! The colourful stitching on the top is effective. I would love to take “hat 101” when you teach the class.

  5. Hi Cathy Great – they actually are a lot of fun to do so watch the blog and I will post when I have completed number 3 and feel ready to teach a class. Not in winter though cause our roads are sooo unpredictable…

  6. Hey Loretta
    I think I saw your picture today with Karen Kaehle’ class!
    I was surfin instead of workin.
    Was the class great?

  7. karens class was amazing! it was so well organized by Diane Eaton and Karen was a super teacher Very soft spoken and quiet but very very knowledgeable in her teaching we learned about achieving contrast and blending through use of value and temperature of wool and different techniques to achieve both as well i am looking at my rugs in a totally different way We are still in Arizona until friday but when i get back i will be posting pix on the blog and comments about the class I hope to make this an annual destination – Diane does an amazing job of organizing the class and teachers – people i have wanted to take classes with for a long time and of course the weather is wonderful and gord is happy cause he is golfing! today he golfs (we are in tucson) and i am just leaving to sit on the patio around the pool (we are in an inn out in the desert) to hook and read!!! yeahhhh would not be doing this at home !!!! so check on saturday or sunday and you will see my pix but i am also going to post the blog names of all the other ladies who were at the class as they will all be posting pix and it will be interesting to see them from different perspectives! if you ever get a chance to come down here for a class you will definitely enjoy it!!!…loretta


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