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YEAHHHH. We are done painting the stairwell and hallway! I cannot believe that we did that crazy stairwell in less than 1 1/2 hours – between taping and cutting in and painting! Holy cow – for years we have been trying to figure out how to do it. Gord had these longggg planks (our stairwell to the basement is 9 feet above and 9 feet below so 18 feet of wall) that he was going to lay lengthwise across the opening and somehow clamp them to the end – which is only 2 inches wide!) and then lay plywood on top of this and then put a ladder on top of that. Well I usually do the taping and cutting in and there was NO WAY I WAS CLIMBING ANY DARN LADDER on that jerry rigged system. So as we were having coffee this morning I said hmmmmmm why not rest the ladder across the narrow part of the stairwell – bottom against the railing in the hallway and top against the wall – tape up, cut in, pull off tape and roll the rest from the hallway over top of the railing with a pole!  Well Gord didn’t think it would work but HOLY COW it DID! and in 3/4 of an hour we finished what we have been putting off for 7 years!!!! Sometimes it just takes a 3rd cuppa caffeine and a fresh brain et voila – brilliance will emerge! So now when we get back from Arizona I can hang a quilt made by my friend Sylvia and a few of my rugs and it will be finished.

Now I am in the process of sewing the cording into the second hat. After that is done I just have to finish the top but because of all the colour in the brim and because the top is just plain black cashmere!!!!! mmmmmm soft and warm but kind of dull, I think I will top stitch it in wavy lines in coloured thread – well that is the plan anyway! Then line the brim with cashmere and another job finished. Plus this time I wrote down instructions. So by the time I do a third one I should have this down pat.

In the meantime, Wendy scored some wonderful sweaters at the recycled clothing stores and here is one of the wonderful fun projects she has made – pillows! She has made slippers, mitts, hats, jewellery etc. What fun!!!!! and such a great way to use all those old sweaters noone wants to wear anymore!

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  1. Love the pillows – so cute. Also REALLY love your hat – decided to comment re all right here.
    Frigid weather keeping us inside, so I’m getting lots of sewing done for Barbados. I bet you are counting down to Arizona too.

  2. Yup in the process of finishing hat number 2 so that i can take it to Arizona!!!! The organizer of the workshop called the other day to say that they are having a “student sale” to help defray costs of the workshop i.e. students can bring items for sale on Friday night. This is wonderful so I thought hmmmm I will take my new hat(s) only to realise that hmmmm we are talking Arizona here! not Canada! so 70 degrees in January – probably not exactly hooked warm hat weather :-)!!!
    When do you leave for Barbados – now THAT will be a bit warmer !!!!
    Yes aren’t Wendy’s pillows adorable! she is sooo darned creative!

  3. The Country Mouse

    Wendy…your pillows are a HOOT.
    What a clever, wise use of old sweaters!!!
    Absolutely brilliant!!

  4. Take your Canadian Hooked Hat my friend…even Jamicans were knitted toques! Plus they are probly all snow-birds in your class anyway.
    thanks for the kind comments…signed “the other Wendy“

  5. Where can I get the recycled sweater pillow patterns? They are adorable
    and would be great for my grandchildren. shirley


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