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Made by my friend Linda! That base is a suet feeder – as Linda put it – well cleaned out cause you don’t want suet residue melting out of the feeder onto your table top! Might attract furry little rodents (which by the way I seem to no longer be battling! – think the bald eagle hanging about outside might have frightened them off or eaten them all!). This is a little project we are going to tackle at our Camp Iawah retreat beginning of March – hmmm along with vintage bottle snowmen, fraktur challenge etc! Will be a mighty busy weekend! But Linda was up to the challenge of making the first one and leading the workshop so…

So this morning before we start painting again (yesterday’s painting started of with an entire half can of paint that had to be tossed because it had gone chunky – good in icecream but not good in paint – and which then somehow leaked all over the drop sheet and our painting shoes – or rather slippers!) I started another hat. I love painting – yup wierd I know but I find it very therapeutic – but I preferrrrrrr to hook. My goal on these hat bands is to use up my scraps – allllll the bags and baskets full of strips from previous projects that either I overcut or decided not to use. I love hooking with my scraps – love scrappy anything. I keep all my bits longer than 3 inches since when I hook scrappy I tend to use many many different tones and textures of a particular colour or colours that work together and that 3 inch strip will give me about 5 loops that could just make that square or circle sing. A few years ago I hooked a rug at a weekend retreat in Quebec at our friend Louise’s cottage. Everyone else was working on wonderful patterns and I had just drawn out some wonky diamonds on my backing and was using my scraps. As I looked around at all the beautiful rugs being hooked and then down at my rug I thought hmmmm this is pretty ugly! BUT when it was done it was one of my favourite rugs – not only did I love the colours and wonky geometric design BUT also the fact that it was done with all my scraps – NOT that it made much of a dent! So I decided this morning that I would rehook this as a hat brim – neutral black border and grid lines but brighter (well for me anyway) diamonds. This was the rug – hat will be posted when it is done:




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  1. Oh I absolutely love your wonky diamond rug! It has all of my favorite colors in it. It would be awfully boring to me had the diamonds been perfect.

  2. Oh a hat with a wonky diamond brim…..will be fantastic!

    Nice tree that Linda made. I have never seen a suet feeder like that. I guess I will have to find another creative base for my tree.

  3. Looking forward to seeing it….you are amazing… I love the Christmas tree idea as well.

  4. I think the diamonds will make a lovely hat band. Can’t wait to see it done. I marvel at the speed with which you hook. I am so slow a snail could do it faster than I can but the geometric rug I am hooking is looking good. Well good for me anyway.

  5. By the way, what is the little tree made of? Is it meant to be a table decoration? It is really cute.

  6. Hi Loretta! So wish you would come and visit Sylvia and I here in B.C.! Would love to meet in person and do a little hooking with you. I love the hat!


  7. Are you going to model this one when it’s done? It’s amazing…….but then again everything you do is amazing!!!! Linda’s tree is so cute, I’m on the hunt for a base….

    Could you please “can” some of that energy you have, and sell it, I’d be in for 1/2 doz. jars….


  8. It is a beautiful rug. Hum……. The hat will look very nice and with a lot of different snips of colors easy to wear with a diffrent choice of accessories. Can’t wait to see it.

  9. Wow Loretta, I’m really enjoying all the creative ideas you keep coming up with and so kindly
    with the rest of us wannabes! I sure would love to do the tree with the feeder, keep me in mind! Beautiful work Cheers leslie

  10. Your less than perfect diamonds are just perfect! They create great motion.


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