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IS NOT A GARBAGE SALE!!!… It was great – I could not believe the amazing wool that was for sale – primarily recycled but great big bundles for peanuts. My friend Donna scored an amazing Irish tweed almost floor length cape for 1.50! Now she just has to decide – does she cut it up or wear it! I had a great day – sold a few of the new Karla patterns I had drawn out on linen – you can now see the various patterns I have in my online store and the prices for the ones I have decided to either enlarge or draw out as is. The ones that are not yet posted i.e. price and size are the ones I still have to enlarge as I feel they have a lot of finer details that would get lost in slightly wider cuts (even five!). I even bought a big box full of really pale pinks, yellows, greys and tans and have overdyed them with a formula so that I have a stock of flesh tones. Using a bunch of different pales gave me a great variety:

What I started out with:











What I ended up with:









The formula (using Cushings dyes)

1/4 tsp Apricot

3/128 tsp Ecru

I used about a yard of various fabrics mixed together and simmered until the water cleared. As you can see I now have a variety of tones and values perfect for flesh.

Oh so excited – Saturday Gord is golfing (not outdoors in the snow! but indoors in a dome) and I get to drag him junking with me. What is it about junking that gets me so excited? I sure don’t get excited about going shopping for clothing or shoes (to which anyone who knows me will attest!!!). I think it is looking at something old that most people would discard and seeing something new and fun in it. Wendy loaned me a book that is wonderful – full of exciting ways to repurpose “junk”.











Now I am not entirely sure where these girls do their junking as some of the stuff they found I have never ever seen! But still there such wonderful potential in some of these old pieces of junk. I keep telling Gord (when he questions my sanity) YOU NEED VISION!!!!

I have posted a few classes in my events page – I do have a primitive dye class and finishing class coming up here in the studio as well as a class in mittens and hooking for the holidays and a few beginner classes.  Please check the events page for upcoming classes or email me if you cannot make it to one of those and need to schedule a different date.

This morning I finished hooking the hat brim! Won’t post a picture until it is further along as right now it looks like a tiny long runner for a dollhouse! BUT IT FITS my head which was my big concern! so next I just have to figure out how to put it all together! That and painting the house will be my projects before I leave for Arizona – well hopefully I will tackle MORE hooking than that!


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