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Well snow is piling up and roads have been icy for about a week now and our propane truck has not come to deliver and we are now in the red. Good thing all my company left a few days ago as I have been keeping the heat realllllly low – about 16 degrees celsius which in fahrenheit is about 60! Gotta conserve that propane – roads were salted and sanded yesterday afternoon so the big delivery truck can make it in TODAY! Ahhh and it SNOWED AGAIN OVERNIGHT! Hubby went out to plow and broke the blade! thank goodness that was AFTER the road was cleared!  I love living in the country but don’t love the icy roads in winter that prevent people getting in and me getting out. In the meantime, hooking big Maud rug will keep me warm today!!! I am still working away at one of the huge trees bundling 3 different wools and yarns and then having to hook bits of grass in between the branches. Not having done a ton of pictorials I am finding this realllllly time consuming. I remember on my first Maud it took at least 10 hours to do the tree! And this pattern has 3 trees!!!! Anyway I will persevere – once the trees are done almost all the rug is finished! well except for a big blue river!

I brought along my stuffed Christmas tree that I started Wednesday  to guild yesterday – it is done! Sewn together and stuffed and on its recycled spindle. Now all I have to do is decide what I want to do as a base.

Well hunting season is definitely over! There are currently 7 deer out at the feeder and 2 turkeys – although the biggest buck will not allow anyone else even close to the feeder! So funny watching him chase of the yearlings and smaller females – of course we cannot allow that to continue so will fill up a few buckets with expensive deer food and set them out so everyone can enjoy a snack!

Did I mention that my Christmas gift to myself this year was a workshop with Karen Kahle in Arizona!!!! For years I have been dieing to take a class with Karen and then on Rug Hooking Daily I noticed that she was doing a class in Arizona in January – so what could be better. Arizona is fabulous and January is pretty snowy in Canada and hubby likes to golf so he was happy to come along! Yeah!!!!! hmmm what will next years Christmas gift be??

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  1. That sounds terrific, Loretta – you deserve it – can’t wait to see what you churn out from that class :-))) looking forward to seeing the Christmas tree as well :-)))

  2. Maybe Deer are afraid of Mice!
    Maybe Mice are afraid of Deer!
    Somehow you will figure a way to stop the bullying at the trough..

    Your Christmas tree is adorable. Do I hear a KIT coming? Please put me down for one if you are launching.
    January Hooking in Arizona sounds divine. We’ll be counting on a pictorial account….
    Thanks for sharing your amazing directions in hooking with us. You help us grow…

  3. Well Pat we covered the driveway with deer food and hmmm deer are eating off the driveway and squirrels are in deer feeder!!! Yup the tree is a kit so will bring some along to guild meeting when we are both back from the warm sunny south! I hope to take LOTS of pix in my Karen Kahle class!!!!

  4. Happy New Year Loretta! I love your Christmas present – now if only I could get Rick to start golfing!!! Have a wonderful time and a wonderful year.



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