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Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We spent a lovely week and a half with company for Christmas (parents on both sides) and then friends from Montreal for New Years. Ate wayyyyy toooo much – my friends all cook and cook realllllly well and take pity on Gord because I don’t cook! Read, watched movies, ate, junked and generally just had a wonderful holiday. Oh and hooked! Yup – hooked up one of the new Karla Gerard patterns to fit into the bottom of the old berry basket I bought recently. This is one of the patterns I will be offering on linen in various sizes. Mine turned out about 21 x 11 which was just slightly larger than the original pattern but with a border fit perfectly into the bottom of my basket. Hooked this in 2 days! (ahhh 8.5 is such a wonderful cut!). Because I used a wider cut I eliminated some of the detail but in a smaller cut you could add in more of the details from the original pattern. I love this pattern – enlarged it would make a wonderful floor mat. Lengthened it would be a wonderful table runner. I hooked it in more my colours but did pick up the oranges, reds, golds and blues from Karla’s original design.

Discovered (with the help of friend Wendy) a new antiques and junk store – Butchers in Smiths Falls! (Oh Wendy did I give away too much info!!!). So took my friends from Montreal there last Friday – it was 17 below, slippery, snowy and we arrived to a “closed” sign on the gate! NOOOOOOO – did not drive over an hour to be locked out so I said – DRIVE IN ANYWAY!.  Well, you must understand that like Millers in Rideau Ferry  much of the stuff is outside – covered in snow! – and a LOT is inside unheated, dirty old barns and outbuildings. Lighting was minimal or non existent and the owner allowed us half an hour to peruse! and freeze! but oh my God! it was great! Unlike Millers it has a lot of large beautiful old antiques (not inexpensive) and not as much small stuff or “junk with potential” but it really is a wonderful place to visit IF it is warmer than 17 below celsius and you have time. I saw a lot of items that I would like to take a closer look at so will have to make another trip – which I can justify now that I have actually done something with one of the pieces I previously purchased!

So today I will restain the berry basket and probably start one of the Christmas trees I will be teaching as a class next fall in Picton. These are 3 dimensional trees and I have a number of different designs that I will be offering. My 2012 classes and shows are starting to appear on the events page.



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  1. Great new mat! I’m with you, I too would rather: junk in the cold than not junk. Also would hike in the mountains or walk the streets of NYC in the rain rather than not be there!

  2. Your rendition of Karla’s design for your basket is a great ‘marriage’. Have you figured out the original use of the basket? It’s a treasure!
    CHRISTMAS TREES-3-D-!!!! RVBB might just like to know a little more about them. I have directions and supplies for a wool FEATHER TREE but didn’t get it done-Christmas got in the way!

    • ohhhhhh i have that info about the feather tree tooooooo and desparately need to find time to do it – bought all the “stuff” about a year ago!!!!! wouldnt that be fun to do at guild!!!! are you going to be there on thursday (wow 2 days from today!!!)!… loretta

  3. yeeeees, to guild on Thursday.
    yeeeees, to Feather tree at RVBB……..Pat

  4. You kids get out of that (jello) feather tree!
    Once again Loretta you have created a wonderful peice and look at you reuse/recycle/recreate!!!!
    I am stuck under layings of baubbles,ornies, tinsel and trees clearing the Christmas away…wish I could just sit and create-not until my job is done…
    and yes, you are a blabber-puss about my secrud junk joint…its ok, glad you got there! I saw he had a burn pile out back and was itchin to sneak over and dig out some junk before its burnt!

  5. BURN PILE!!!! ahhhhh gotta get there before he lights it!!! I used to race the garbage man in the morning when I would walk (this was when I still lived in Montreal) – sometimes I would get to the pile (especially on Big Garbage Day) just as the truck was pulling up and practically snatch items out of his hands! Or hide them behind the rock walls or under the bridge and run home for the SUV!

    • geez, now we are not allowed to junk at the dump as we used to call it at “Walmart of the North” or “dumpster diving” because of the health issues, how did we survive junking with all those germs-it didnt kill us! Now it is only killing the planet how things are not being reused, recycled or recreated


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