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Well another 364 days or is it now 362 till Christmas! Still have company so have been busy cooking (well make that heating up!), entertaining and eating and not hooking or posting! But most of the entertainment is being provided by our local wildlife – amazing how caught up we can become by the turkeys and deer at the feeder. We have 2 turkeys who come a few times a day and a mother and fawn (well yearling I think) who are also returning to the trough daily. Yesterday a buck (hmm is an antlerless male deer called a buck? don’t want to ask my neighbour until December 31st evening!!!!) also came. Has been wonderful. And now with more snow just so picturesque. Hope those black shapes by the feeder look more like turkeys when I post than they do right now – click on the photo and you should get a larger and clearer version. These guys are supposed to be skinny but are getting pretty chunky!

I just got in a new order of Karla Gerard patterns. Karla has given me permission to actually draw these patterns out on linen for sale. These are the patterns I have in stock and will be putting on primitive linen (good for number 5 cut and up…I do 8.5 which is 5/16’s inch with no problem):

20 Blooms

Blooming Tulips

Gertrude & Elizabeth

Seaside Town

Primitive Blooms

Bird in Blooming Tree

Bird 10 houses and Tree

Large Moon Landscape

2 Houses

Evening Moon

Blooming Circles

3 Owls

3 Blooming Birches

Some I will do in the size of Karla’s actual patterns but some I will enlarge 50%. I will post prices for the hand drawn patterns shortly. Pictures can be found on Karla’s website

Hope you are also enjoying a wonderful snow day!


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  1. Wonderful Karla Patterns!
    ‘Appropriate’ snow!
    Awesome turkeys!


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