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My all time favourite Christmas movie arrived last night – Gord had gone curling and I was curled up in my Bed, Bath and Beyond Pj’s (2 years ago Gord bought me these as my Christmas gift – made out of those vintage looking offwhite sheets and pretty ugly but really comfy) watching Jam and Jerusalem when ding dong the doorbell went. Well we live out in the bush – neighbours out here do not ring the doorbell nor do they visit at 8 at night! So I WAS NOT ANSWERING the doorbell dressed in swaddling! However, a few minutes later I heard a motor driving away and found a wonderful little package at the door! If you have never watched this movie it is wonderful – nostalgic and funny without being stupid. The movie takes place in the 40’s and Ralphie – the hero – wants a BB gun for Christmas but is constantly told he will shoot his eye out. I laugh just thinking about the movie and some of the scenes – like Ralphie’s friend getting his tongue stuck on metal in the cold and the firetruck coming to his rescue (didn’t we ALL do that? just to make sure!!!), the winter days when we would be so wrapped up in pants, skirts (back in the days when you wore a skirt to school) stuffed into snowsuits and overboats and scarves and mittens (attached to each other with a string that ran up one sleeve and down the other so you could not lose those mittens!) that if we fell over we were stuck there until someone came along with a crane to lift us up again. If you are looking for a fun movie that will take you back to your childhood (well assuming you are my age!) get this movie!!! It is sure to become a Christmas tradition!

I finally did some decorating – not much! Put up my Charlie Brown Christmas tree (which I wrap up in sheets and put away decorated with all my primitive ornies wrapped so that putting up the tree takes 5 minutes!), my small feather tree (made of goosefeathers by 2 girls in the states manyyyy years ago), my hand carved santa collections, my collection of smoking men (only smoking that goes on in my house!) from the town where my father few up (Seifen in the Erzgebirge – try to pronounce that!), my sheep collection (well part of it!) and a few more things. So tonight we will watch the movie, light the smoking men and enjoy a glass of eggnog (well I will have tea – chai!).

Yesterday my friend, Linda, emailed and told me that there was a video of the Hooked in the Mountains show – check out this blog where you can watch the video ( It is quite good and shows a lot of the rugs at the show as well as interviews with some of the visitors and featured artists. In it Jen Lavoie is wearing a hooked hat. Well, Linda always challenges me and asked if I had ever hooked a hat as she would like to make one. NO I replied however, I did remember seeing instructions in one of the first rughooking books I bought years ago so out came the book, have read through the instructions and am now going to play and see what I can come up with. In the meantime, I have dyed navy wool and if you like a real blackish navy here is a dead easy formula. You can overdye many textures and pull out as the value is achieved that you want so it runs from medium periwinkle to ultra dark navy. I usually like to mix in some brown/navy plaids and textures with the darkest navy to give the background more visual interest:


3/16 413 Navy (Prochem)

3/16 Black (Magic Carpet)

over 1/4 yard mixed fabrics


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  1. A Christmas Story is our favourite, too, Loretta. Achingly funny every time we watch it.

    Have a wonderful Christmas,

  2. Man I loved that movie…the leg lamp was my fav!now that is kitch!!!
    thanks for not giving the delivery man nightmares for life, let alone post traumatic stress by opening the door in those darn BB&B pj’s(yeah, swaddling is a very good discriptor)!!!!

  3. Your smoking men, do you put like a cone in them, I have one from Germany as well – my brother lived in Heidelberg for a number of years :-)))

    Love The Christmas Story…I think we watch it every year after a big Christmas dinner…

    Merry Christmas

  4. As a child growing up every Christmas my mom would have us watch A Christmas story. We loved it and sometimes even watched it when it was not Christmas. I think it is funny that every year it is popular and stores are still selling its merchandise. The movie has become a Christmas classic. I have so many favorites it is hard to tell which one part I like best. I have conviced my husband to watch it with me this year.
    Happy Holidays and thanks for your post!


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