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party was wonderful.  Location is always amazing – I spent the first hour walking around taking photos of Laura’s home and her decor! and decorations! Thank God for digital cameras!!! Our gift exchange was such fun led by our games master, Linda (aka Alec Trebec – spelling???). New game this year for the exchange of gifts went somewhat awry and I ended up with nothing!!! BUT NOT FOR LONG! Love this whole – STEAL THE GIFT YOU WANTED FROM THE BEGINNING rule! In the end we all had a great gift and here are a few pix. Next year not only are we doing the gift exchange butttt we have decided that we are also doing an ornament exchange (for those who wish to participate) all hand made – each person will make enough for every participant of her own particular ornament and in the end we could get 10 – 12 wonderful hand made ornaments for our trees! I realised my Charlie Brown tree actually could hold a few more so I am in!…

Laura supplying us with inspirational material – tons of magazines!

The “games master” getting primed – unfortunately SOME OF US don’t listen well to instructions and things got a tad confused! Next year we hand out Ginko – the memory drug of choice!

The start of the games!!! We had to balance clipboards on our heads and draw a Christmas scene as we were dictated elements – the resulting “artwork” was ratherrrrr primitive!!!!

One of the gifts Laura won in a previous exchange.

So sad – some of my pictures did not turn out well enough to post – darn camera!!! out of focus and really fuzzy!!! oh no – that was because they were felted! Karen made 3 beautiful felted ornaments and Laura made a wonderful birdhouse and bird – felted! I am hoping someone else got a better picture of these that I can post. Anyway you get the gist – these were our under 10.00 hand made items – some took a week of work but materials were under 10.00 :-)!!

So the mouse saga continues however, now instead of 3 in the morning we only have one! and they now get transported (rather like the prisoners in Britain in the 1800’s) to Perth or Ottawa! Wellll maybe not that far – but at least a km away. Plus we take away their little GPS’s and point them facing north! So only one in the trap in the morning! Got a little or rather HUGE mousetrap from friends, Louise and Karen, on Saturday night. I thought they were being realllllly cruel giving me a killer mousetrap until I realised it was a cheese board! So my mouse memorabilia continues to grow!!!

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  1. Oh, what hilarity!
    Beautiful pieces of work and great exchange ideas…I particularly like the ‘stealing’ thing!..Pat

  2. Dear Santa(Gord)
    Loretta should get a new camera for Christmas…she has been very good at being bad this year!

  3. Hi Laura……….I cannot believe you are so kind. I grew on a farm and they were a menace in the grain bin. Poor farmers that are receiving your collection!!!
    Oh by the way. Are you plugging holes a little higher than ground level. Remember they are good at climbing walls. I know, I watched the little rascals climb. My son plugged the holes for me with a gun that you use to put caulking around windows. I am now almost mouse free in the fall of the year when they love to come in out of the cold…..
    Happy Hooking……..shirley
    P.S looking forward to seeing a “mouse rug”

  4. Sorry I called you Laura…………I know better. Those typing fingers just have one mind.

  5. oh oh – hmmm oh thank goodness – no farmers around here!!!! – well on the other side of the lake and I dont think these little guys swim too well. We did caulk and check for holes – I am thinking the last 2 maybe were ones that have been on the loose and got in before!!!! we plugged up the one hole we found. at least I hope so!!!! I must admit I had strange vision of your sun plugging the hole with a gun – until I read further 🙂 And I do plan to hook THE MOUSE RUG (maybe I will call it Mouse pad!) …

  6. Sounds like it was a fun party! A friend of mine has done that at Christmas parties she’s had – the “stealing” the gifts. It was a lot of fun. All the pic of the crafts are nice – such talent!



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