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Well we are dealing with invasion of the mice! not body snatchers!!! According to my totals we have “rescued and released” either 26 mice or the same 3 mice 8+ times!!!! Must admit I am getting tired of being woken 2 times a night to the sound of rattling in the trap and having to hop into the car and drive half a kilometer to release the captives (okay so I don’t hop in the car – Gord does!). We decided when we saw one of the mouse wink at us as we released him in the garden that perhaps!!! it might be a good idea to let them go a little further away from the house! I know these critters can squeeze down to a little skinny to get in through small holes but with the numbers we are having heck there must be a beachball sized hole somewhere on the outside of my house!

Anyway, the mouse invasion did not deter me from holding a hookin yesterday and about 15 crazy hookers showed up – braving rain and possible ice on the roads and dark. But we had a great time! Ate toooooo much and tooooo well and did some hooking! and were inspired by show and tell. So here are some of the fun projects being worked on:

If I understood correctly Nancy is FINISHING THIS RUG for someone else – does she take orders?

Nancy’s rug based on a photo started in class in NFLD – a rug camp she highly recommends

Julie’s Emily Carr rug

Suzanne’s rug and below her hooked doll

Alice’s hit and miss table runner – Alice was working on the showbinding

Marilyn’s first rug – a Mad Hen Primitive pattern – wellllll done!!!

Peri’s begonia – for some reason Peri does not like this rug – I think it is wonderful!

Peri’s finished bear rug – amazing and whipped with strips rather than yarn!

Shauna’s first rug – wonderfully primitive!

Gwen’s almost finished mittens! By the end of the day they WERE finished!

Linda’s Alley cat rug – Christmas gift for hmmm was that grand daughter?



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