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I know you would have loved to continue to see pictures every day but these are the last on my camera – hmmm by this point my camera had died, been fixed, went wonky and I was getting tired of taking pix and not seeing the rugs! PLUUSSSSS chomping at the bit to also get to the amazing vendors!!!! So here are the final pictures – enjoy!



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  1. OMG, I love that tree – I want it!!!

  2. Thanks so much! It’s been a real treat seeing these rugs!

  3. Hey Lor:
    Thanks so very much for taking from your valuable time to snap pictures of these amazing rugs and then upload them to us via your blog. Warmly…..Sandi

  4. loretta, ditto on loving that tree! can you tell us more about it? was it 3 D, what did she use for a support etc.?? ak

    • That tree definitely was 3 dimensional. I did a tree like that a few years ago and used a spindle as the stem (I have a WHOLLLLLE collection of old cruddy primitive spindles I have collected over the years – for what??? who knows but they look lovely!). It almost looks like maybe she used some kind of heavy duty wire? since it was curved or maybe it was something she repurposed and covered with the wool. But old chair spindles doweled into a base work beautifully. The one I made had a flat piece of dyed wool on the back but I believe this one was hooked back and front and joined together on the sides (fold under the edges – usually monks cloth – and hand stitch together or whip together – this one looks whipped together) and then stuff with fiber fill. I think she also used a flat piece of oval shaped wool for the underside of the tree and whipped that on. It was a really fun fun piece…


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