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A few more remaining that don’t look like they were taken by someone on drugs!!!! How is it that every photo I take comes out with wider top than bottom? I thought it was related to taking pix on the floor but even the ones I took hanging on a wall at Shelburne come out the same way. I personally think my camera is wonky! (more acceptable than saying I am a bad photographer!!!).  So here are a few more – slightly cropped but still fun to look at…


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  1. Hmmmm, So how have I not known about your blog?
    Thanks for sharing all of the wonerful pictures…..adding you to my blog roll immediately!

  2. These are simply gorgeous art forms. I laughed at the one with the three cats looking out the window. Has given me ideas for rugs as well so I had better get cracking and finish my penrose tiles!

  3. Many thanks for more rugs from the Green Mountain Show and I do hope you have more!

  4. Oh, thanks so much for posting all these wonderful rugs. As a Corgi owner, I love the tri-colored one surrounded by flowers. Maybe I will be inspired to try one lke that. Without nice bloggers like you, poor hookers who live so far away (like me) would never get to enjoy this great rug show.


    • I am so happy that so many of you are enjoying these rugs. I always find the Shelburne show soooo inspirational and am glad that those who are unable to attend it can actually enjoy it through photos….


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