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Well this could go on for a few more days!!! But I am sure you are enjoying the rugs.

Taught my mitten class – well part 1 – yesterday.  I was amazed at some of the wonderful designs that people had come up with. Tish Murphy was kind enough to provide us with blank mitten patterns so that everyone could do their own designs. Once the class is finished in 2 weeks I hope to be able to post pix of some of the finished mitts.

Okay – I know you are anxious so here are a few more rugs from the show:

Most of these rugs (if not all of them) were hooked by one of the featured artists – Bev Conway. Bev uses amazing colours in her rugs. In addition, in many of them  she has incorporated a secret message on the back of the rug – hence the 2 pix of the ducks. The picture above is actually the back of the rug with the “secret” message and the picture below is the front of the rug. Bev had an explanation of why and how she does this (well partially anyway!) and I think it is really interesting to read how she started this technique and why.

MOOOORE to come!…

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  1. These are so brilliant! My favourite is the girl with the birds. There is something about that rug that really strikes my fancy.

  2. They are amazing rugs aren’t they – wait till you see some of the rest of what I still have to post Trish!!! Hey how are the mittens coming along?

  3. Bev’s work is inspiring! Got to say that I love the fall snowflake looking rug. Keep the pictures coming, Loretta!

  4. Oh how beautiful, I love the horse one, such vibrant colours, wish I could have gone to the event. Looking forward to my class tomorrow in Richmond.



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