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Sooooooo IT IS COLLLLLD out there! Yesterday we went to a wedding that was held OUTDOORS in the park. The bride and bridesmaids were in sleeveless dresses and the groom and groomsmen were in black kilts and thin blousey black shirts (achhhh all men should wear skirrrts and pirate shirrrts!!!!!!). The piper piped them in at 4 in the afternoon – lanterns were lit and as I stood thinking about how I could no longer feel my feet I looked at these young men and women turning blue and thought who am I to complain! It was an amazing wedding complete with candy bar (ohhhh tooo much chocolate!) and cupcake tree (Wendy – I never did get one of those??) and a stand up comedian and puppet show (the bride and groom are in the theater). Had a wonderful time after my toes came back to life! But the cold reallllly made me think Christmas and so to start getting in the proper mood I thought a couple of Christmas rugs might be appropriate. Can you feel the snow and cold and hear the Christmas music yet – well soon you will be!  By the time Christmas actually arrives I am almost sick of the music! But hmmm right now I might just have to go and put on one of the CD’s and light the fire and hmmm hook!!!!

My friend Donna designed this rug. It was a challenge piece to be interpreted in our colours and hooking style. Of COURSE mine was very old and dirty looking!

One of the patterns by Woolen Memories that I carry.

Another pattern by Woolen Memories.

And finally the skinny stockings that I make – they are great – easy and fun to hook (and fast!) and since they are lined only about 4 inches down from the top it does not cost much to fill them – well unless you are filling with jewellery or money!!!


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