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On Thursday Alana came to take the finishing class. Alana has been hooking for about 3 years and is self taught and bases many of her rugs on her paintings. I love her rugs – she uses old blankets which she dyes and mostly recycled wools and her rugs have amazing texture. Here are some pictures of her rugs:

If you enlarge this picture you will see the fun textures in the crows body.

This was an amazing piece – 5 panels with the bottom and top panels done in mosaics (glass not hooked) and the center panels hooked. Can you tell Alana is an artist! A few years ago Alana had an exposition at the maritime museum in Kingston in which she displayed an entire wall of 12 x 12 hooked panels dedicated to knots and maritime themes.

Well we had our first frost on Thursday night – gardens are now being cut back and potted plants dumped in the woods – all the millions of water lettuce and hyacinths we had in our pond this year which looked soooooo good are now off in the bush in a massive pile which hopefully the deer will feed on. So now with frost in the air and only hmmm less than two months to Christmas I am thinking Christmas dye colours. Here is one of my favourite olivey greens:

Olive Green (using Magic Carpet dyes)

2/16 Moss Green

2/16 Chocolate Brown

1/16 Brilliant Green

1/16 Orange

over 1/4 yard gives you a medium to dark value.  I would again increase the formula and do a large quantity of wool in various base colours to get many values and textures to mix together.

The background of the Feather Tree runner below is olive greens:

Mixed with old golds and rusty reds it is a wonderful dirty green for Christmas based rugs.

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