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Well I am really getting better at making these mittens – this time I intentionally!! did not read the instructions so that I know if I am ready to teach and YEAHHHHH they worked out! So I will make up one more pair before my first class! Nothing like leaving it to the last minute as my first class is next week! They are fun to make though and definitely getting easier …

AHHHH if you love yarn and like to use it in your hooking here’s a news flash:  Janie H Knits is having a big sale this weekend Friday October 28 to Sunday October 30 at the store.  Janie has a whole new shipment of hookable lovelies from Fleece Artist and Handmaiden! Janie’s shop is located in Glen Tay just outside Perth.

Held a finishing class here today and Wendy from Killaloe brought her beautiful rug totallllllly made from tshirts.  I was amazed at the wonderful colours she had found – my tshirts are just not great colours for hooking probably because most are black! or covered with paint! but she found some great colours for hostas in sagey greens with kind of a tan background. Wendy is self taught and has hooked with everything from flannel pj’s to hmmm anything! I totally forgot to get a picture of her rug which is a shame as it would have been interesting to post so everyone could see how beautiful a rug made from tshirts can be. I love using wool and wool yarns – have never ventured much into alternative fibers (well except for one rug where I used up all my pantyhose – who wears pantyhose!!! anymore)… but have not tried other alternative fibers. After seeing Wendy’s rug though, I might have to try it.

I did, however, get a picture of Norma’s hooking bag which I thought was brilliant. Norma hooked a piece using all her leftover worms from a few projects and then stitched this to the front of a 2.00 bag from the dollar store. These bags are actually quite durable being vinyl coated on the inside (I have used them for my larger kits) and with a hooked piece stitched to the front become quite stylish! and funky. Another fun way of using our smaller hooked pieces.

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  1. what a wonderful workshop today! Loretta, you are an exceptional teacher. Your enthusiasm and love of rug hooking is infectious and stimulating, I learned sooo much! You are generous in sharing your knowledge and also showing each of us exactly what we need. thank you again. alana


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