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Was an amazing show!  If you love fiber – yarns, handspun, roving, unspun sheep locks, rughooking, knitting, felting THIS WAS THE SHOW TO GO TO! There were a ton of wonderful vendors, the show was superbly organized with lots of space for every vendor. Annnddd if you were a vendor there were tons of people who came because it was a source for amazing supplies. I spent most of the day (this is a one day show only) working hard and chatting with people but made sure I arrived early so that I could check out the other vendors and see what I should not be spending MORE money on. Well that was not going to happen – did buy some wonderful yarns and could have bought a LOT more but I really am trying to change my reputation. There were 3 vendors of rughooking supplies – myself, Rittermere and Cozy Nook. We each had something different to offer so it worked really well. But if you love to add fiber to your rugs there were tons of other vendors to visit and spend your dollars at. And great demonstrations going on all day. Annndddd DOOR PRIZES I think every hour! Next year Fleece Festival will again be held in Woodstock at the Fairgrounds on October 13 so mark this in your agenda and plan to be there. I think that will also be the last weekend of Oktoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo so – oh forget that – who wants to spend money on beer when you can spend it on FIBER!!!!

I had thought I would take tons of pictures but 1. it was way too busy and 2. I did not want to step on toes as many people are cautious about letting others take photos of their booths. So unfortunately you will just have to come next  year!

While I was in Knowlton-Sutton last weekend doing the Quoi de Neuf show a former student came with the rug we have been designing and working on together (well she does the hooking I do the design and dyeing).  Ann is doing a wonderful big rug which she wanted to include 6 farm animals – she has hooked 4 of them (2 were my designs and 2 were free patterns from Rughooking Magazine yearrrrrrs ago). She is just in the process of tweaking the highland cow and then we are going to work on a goat and a donkey to complete the blocks. I think this is going to be such a fun wonderful rug:

It is a BIG rug – each block is 18 inches square with 2 inch sashes in between and all the way around.

On the way to Woodstock I met Marg at Country Quarters in Napanee – a wonderful little quilt store. Marg is developing an area that will carry rughooking supplies. We chatted about rughooking and primitives and ohhhh she told me about the junk market (well there are some nice antiques as well that I cannot afford) in Kingston on Princess Street. Sooooo if you love to junk shop check it out. I found a couple of antique sewing machine drawers that I have been looking for – ahhhhh what do I have in mind you ask? Welllll you will just have to wait until they are finished!!! Then I will post a picture.

For those of you who know about my mouse dilemna – THEY’RE BACKKKKKKKK… I have a NEW HOUSE with ICF basement and NO ACCESS HOLES and FOUR CATS and now I have mice again! Last week I woke up in the middle of the night to a strange rattling noise – walked around trying to figure out what it was and wracked my brain alllllll night long and then bingo the light went on! It is our live mouse trap! The rattling is the sound made by a BIG MOUSE trying to get back out! Of course when I checked the trap in the morning EMPTY which means mouse is in the house! I do not kill mice – I know this is crazy but they are such tiny cute creatures – well I don’t kill spiders either! All critters are picked up and put outside – well mouse goes in the garage in a nice warm wool bed with a plate of peanut butter. I figure if I make the garage a welcoming abode they might stay out of the house! Well last night one of the four cats – Mr. Fleatwo – scooted across the TV room and scooped up a mouse. Of course I screamed DROP IT! and he ran up the dark stairs to the main floor – with me and Gord in hot pursuit! Of course my cats do not KILL mice so I should have just left him alone but nope – ran up the dark stairs and ugh stepped on the mouse that the cat had dropped! Not a good way to end the day – had nightmares about mice! BIGGG MICE – seeking revenge!


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  1. That rug looks amazing. I wanna see it finished. 😀

  2. The mice that find your country home are lucky, indeed. Imagine how dull life might be in the city.

  3. no no no they can move back to the city anytime they want!!!!

  4. Poor you! Even the thought that a mouse might be in my house is enough to keep me tossing and turning — and panicked — all night long. Hopefully they find their way — and soon!

    (sometimes they can follow you in at night –> try to keep your doors closed as much as possible during this time of year, when they’re looking for a warm winter hideaway)

    • Oh Jen I LIKE little mice – I usually catch them in my hands and gently carry them outside – ON THE OTHER HAND I am not overly keen on them crawling into my nice warm bed with me!!!!


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