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WELL yesterday was a white knuckler for sure. Drove to our guild meeting in Burritts Rapids and the rain was soooo bad I kept looking for Noah and the Ark! I HATE driving in the rain – snow – dark – bright sun – traffic – city – hmmmm I guess I just hate driving period! Anyway I made it in one piece and was so glad I went. It was great to get together with the group again – we have such fun and there is always an amazing lunch put on by various members. Next meeting it is my turn and I am racking my brain trying to think of what Costco might have that I can pass off as home made!!! I also had to deliver mitten patterns for the class I am teaching in November(working on the third pair and am slowly but surely figuring them out!) and pick up the project the guild was commissioned to hook for the Leeds Grenville community. I am doing the showbinding and casing for hanging the rug. This is AN AMAZING piece of art – designed by a couple of our members and hooked on by almost everyone. Once it is completed and presented I hope to post a picture of it but for now it is a SECRET!

While I was there Pat Reid had a couple of her new hooked cards on display. These will be for sale and I bought one so that I could photograph and post it. They are wonderful little creations and I may(if Pat does not sell out) have them for sale through my online store. This is a picture of one of them – almost too nice to use as cards – would be fun in a little funky frame:

So today we leave for Woodstock and Fleece Festival. We have been away so much that my cats are beginning to forget who I am – thank goodness we have a great house sitter who loves them and takes good care of them while we are gone – although they are getting rather chubby! This is my first time doing Fleece Festival but I have heard that it is a good fiber related show. I hope to take lots of pictures to post when we get back. Final show of the year will be the Ottawa Valley Spinners and Weavers Guild show in the Glebe Community Center the first weekend in November. Again this is a fiber related show and is wonderful. This weekend however both hubby AND I are leaving wallets behind!!! Sure!!!!


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  1. What are the mitts pattern are they hooked if so can i buy one?


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