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Well what can I say about the Quoi de Neuf show in Sutton – AMAZINGGGGG ARTISTS! Fun to reconnect with old friends who took a beginner class with me and have gone on to do wonderful rugs since then! Really nice location although when we arrived Gord commented he might have to go out and buy some flashlights for visitors to the show as the lighting was rather dim – well after talking with some of the organizers it appeared MANY of the lights were actually missing and they spent a good part of the set up day getting lights working. But by the time all the lights were fixed, all our booths were set up and our own lights plugged in it was great – well actually by mid afternoon I was stripping off clothing!!!! Now that might be age related! or it might have been the 5000 watts of lighting in the room :-). I had such a fun time though – hopefully a few of the ladies I reconnected with will send me pix of their rugs so that I can post them.

Was I good – yup!!!! Bought a wonderful little primitive kingfisher carved Christmas ornament from Doug Purdy and picked up a cow and chicken for my sister (NOT for me!). Then I got some flattened silver spoons, forks and knives that I want to attach to a frame with a hooked piece. These are made by a couple from Lachute- Roger and Marilyn Jacob – I have loved their work for years and finally bought something. Other than that and some amazing curry sauce (all I have to do to make a meal is add chickpeas! – my kind of cooking!) I bought nothing! It was hard to control myself but… Here is a picture of my silverware – not to be used for eating!

Tomorrow I am holding a primitive dyeclass and Friday I am off to Woodstock for Fleece Festival. That should be a fun one day show. I am going to hold another primitive dye class probably on November 21 from 10 – 4. Please see events listing for confirmation and details. That will be the final one of the year cause once the snow flies either skis or 4 wheel drive are the only way in to our place!!! Well you CAN try – Gord does have his man toy (honkin big John Deere tractor) and he would be happy to help you back out!

I hooked another small piece which I will be making up as a kit – here is the picture. It is approximately 22 x 12.5 – not sure yet how I will finish it (will decide that next week for the finishing class). I hooked it at the show this past weekend but because it was not a huge piece I finished early – what to do for 2 more hours!!!!!! Well I pulled out and rehooked strips!!! When that became tiring I went and ate food samples!!! Next time I will bring along a bigger piece :-).

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  1. I love that little sheep …perfect project for kits! But…why are there little holes in the bent cutlery? I have a bunch of similar pieces, some of which I bought at Portobello Road market in London to be used as napkin rings, plus many as yet unbent (although hubbie bought the ‘bending tool’ from Lee Valley). Tell me more about your plans for them…I am curious why the hole (if for suspeding) is in the base vs the handle??

  2. Susan Sutherland

    I’m looking forward to see you at the Woodstock Fleece Festival. I’m bringing some fellow rug hookers too. It’s a lovely show and it will be interesting to see what you buy at it!! LOL.
    Your new sheep kit is charming as are all your kits. See you Saturday.

  3. Hi Sue – oh god I feel I am getting a reputation!!!! See I did leave my wallet at home but Gord brought HIS!!!! Maybe we should BOTH leave wallets at home!!! 🙂

  4. Hi Liz – the hole is so that you can actually attach it to something and use it as a hook. I am going to attach them to the bottom of a frame or piece of wood (probably a frame) and then hook something to go inside the frame and then they can be used to hang things – tea towels, purses, scarves etc. I don’t think you could hang anything tooooo heavy but light things – would be a fun piece in the kitchen! spice dryer! so pull yours out – flatten them and use them!!!!….


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