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Well this morning we leave for the show in Sutton. But this time I leave my wallet behind!!! Because I have another piece I have ordered from an artist near Brighton. Discovered Anja’s work a few months ago when we took a little daytrip. Anja does mosaics but very different from most. These are meant to be hung on an interior wall rather than in a window and are composed with pieces of pottery, china, beads, etc. They are wonderful. This is my piece that I will be picking up soon (Anja custom made this and can you see my 4 cats?):

You can find her work at
The other day I mentioned my friend Odette who hooked with finer (mostly Briggs and Little) yarns. Her rugs were very fine and tapestry like and just wonderful. This is a picture of one of her rugs – it is amazing the detail that she achieved in her rugs with as is yarns. I love using yarns in my rugs but tend to use more textured and thicker yarns because of the wider cuts of wool I use but Odette’s rugs were wonderful.

I love the way her design encroaches on the border (or would that be border encroaching on design!) – makes the rug look almost 3 dimensional – ever since our class with Jule Marie Smith I have been excited about borders and how they can be made more interesting.

I also love (hmmm I do! love a lot of things) creating vignettes in my home with my rugs, furniture, artwork by others and hmm my junk finds! I have a few of them that I have created – and then once I am tired of a vignette it gets changed. But it is like creating a new design – fun to play with different elements. Here is the one created with some of my finds and rugs and art pieces:

The carvings are all Doug Purdy’s creations, the big beautiful bird house is be Cloud Hidden Workshop (Pete and Bonnie Claude), the rug is based on a punch needle design by Joni Black (with permission to enlarge and hook as a rug), the wonderful wall rack and tinware are from a great little store in Jamesville New York (south of syracuse), the miniature antique oil lamps were collected by my sister in Belgium, the apothecary came from a great primitive shop in Mass that I discovered in a magazine last fall.  The only offshore imports would be the cloth stars and probably the lamp!

Joni’s website is below – she has wonderful punch needle etc. patterns:

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  1. The home should be the treasure chest of living.
    Le Corbusier

    I like your treasures!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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