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Wellll it was a lovely weekend – the weather and leaves certainly cooperated for our studio tour weekend.  Every year though it seems the minute the tour is over the weather changes and we get rain and cooler temperatures and plunk all the leaves fall.  This year no exception!  But after Thanksgiving weekend I am not overly concerned – although I do have a show in Sutton Quebec this weekend – Quoi de Neuf – and it would be nice if the weather cleared up and we had a nice weekend for that.

Sooooo of COURSE I was out there supporting our artists again! I have a reputation for being everyones best customer!!!! For that reason having artists whose work I love is great – hmmm or perhaps not so great! I spent soooo much money – but I dooo have fun. So what did I buy this year:

Isn’t this an amazing piece of folkart by Doug Purdy (he will also be at the show in Sutton this weekend). I had originally picked out a cow with a chicken on its back but when I realised that the presents in the sled could be removed and replaced with seasonal pieces I upgraded! Now I have Doug working on some pumpkins for the sled.

This amazing bowl was turned by Lionel Bedard and I love the very organic nature of the bowl with the missing pieces of wood. I kept telling Lionel though that because half the bowl was missing the price needed to be set accordingly!

And this amazing starburst (6 feet wide) now hangs in the peak of our garage. Gord spent the weekend staining it red and then Monday all the guys got together to hang it.  This piece was made by Steve Henderson. It is absolutely amazing when you come down the laneway and all of a sudden you see the house and this piece.

So hmmm actually I was pretty good and restrained myself – well I did get a few small pieces – a loon screen saver (for screen doors not the computer!!!) by Carmen Allen (yes these REALLY do stop people from walking through the screens!) and a carved woodpecker ornament by Doug for my very primitive Christmas tree. I am also happy to report that most of these artists will be returning next fall and that we will add a couple of new artists to the group. All in all a wonderful weekend with amazing talented artists. Thanks to everyone who came to our tour in person or by email and made this weekend so special.


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  1. the carved cow and sleigh is amazing and the starburst looks FANTASTIC….sorry I couldn’t make it…the husband was not keen on me buying more ‘yard art’ 😦

  2. Thanks, Loretta-
    for sharing your magnificent weekend, your guest artists, your treasures and your pleasures! The sunburst at your eaves tells us it was destined to be…’s an extra splash of colour from the right paint-pot…
    Hoping for fine weather for your weekend, Pat(RVBB)


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