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What an amazing day yesterday was – weather, foliage and wonderful visitors all day long. Of course I have started buying!!!!

Here are pix of my last 2 artists – Peter Christie who makes furniture out of 100+ year old recycled wood and Carmen Allen whose glass birdfeeders and 3 dimensional glass pieces are unique:

Well last night Mr. Honkin Big Racoon (who the previous night ate alllllll the corn off the corn stalks we had used to decorate the porch) decided he was still hungry and up on the porch right in full view decided to have frogs legs for dinner!!!!!  One leg later we saved the frog and put him back by the pond and Mr. Racoon wandered off.  Today the frog is gone but no evidence of further mangling – I wonder if a frog can live with only 3 legs – I hope so.  Love all the frogs in my pond although the water lettuce has reproduced sooooo much that the poor things can barely get into the water.

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  1. That red-banded stained glasspiece with the bird–will you be offering anything like that in your online store? It is beautiful.



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