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… and I am off in about 2 hours to do a radio interview in the parking lot in Westport!  Have been awake since 3 o’clock – would that be nerves or rambunctious cats!!!

My artists are almost all set up – just waiting for one final artist to drive in from Montreal.  I will post pix of everyone’s work over the next 3 days but here are pix of my set up and a few pix of Steve and Karen Henderson’s work.  They recycle old farm implements into garden art and furniture – very very funky!  I own a few of Steve’s pieces – had to hide them away so they don’t get resold!

We are supposed to have a glorious weekend weatherwise which is wonderful! Now if the bear and racoon would just keep away for the weekend we would be fine.  Mr. Coon decided 2 nights ago that he wanted to start chowing down on the punkins on the front porch – so every night we have to bring in the punkins and indian corn or there would be nothing left by the end of the weekend.  Kind of like our studio tour signs – we put up a lot of signs (being out in the woods farrrrr from civilization we NEED lots of signs) and invariably signs are taken down, thrown in ditches, moved to other locations.  Don’t know if it is local pranksters OR hmm could it be someone from one of the other studio tours :-)!  So we will probably have to drive all the way out every night to take down the signs and go back out every morning to set them up again.  Had our first visitors yesterday though – guess the signs need to indicate that the tour starts Saturday  morning!!! Well here’s hoping it is a good one for all our artists this year – we have 41 this year!

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  1. What a fantastic weekend for your tour! Hope you get lots of visitors (2 legged, not4!)

  2. WELL the onslaught has started haha actually we have already had visitors this morning and off to a good start I am soooo excited i will post more pix of some of the artists work…

  3. Really enjoyed the tour so far!! I hope all is successful and people turn out in droves with lots of money! Your rugs are just fabulous!!
    Cathy G

    • Hi Cathy thank you… so funny but i have actually had orders coming in via email for some of our artists work! so it has been like an internet tour!… Folks are just arriving from church…


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