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I dyed yarn yesterday for the veins in France’s leaves.  France bought some great yellow and beize lopi at Janie H. Knits – if you are not familiar with Janie’s shop it is in Glen Tay not far from Perth and has wonderful yarns for knitting but also for hooking.  I have bought some great Fleece Artist and Lopi yarns there for hooking and I know for a fact that she is getting in some yarns later this fall that will be wonderful hooking yarns!!! (a little bird told me!).  So check out Janie’s shop.  The lopi is a great weight to mix in with wide cuts and dyes soooo beautifully.  I use a really easy method for dying small amounts (up to 15 yards) of yarns.  I presoak the wool for a short period of time and then squash it into a 2 cup glass measuring cup.  I mix up small formulas of the colours I want to blend on the wool.  Add boiling water and vineagar to the dye immediately and pour part of it over the yarn.  Microwave for 3.5 minutes. Using tongs (the wool is HOT) turn the yarn over and pour the second colour over the other side and microwave for 3.5 minutes.  If you want to add a third colour flip again and remash and add the third colour (you will have to dump out the cleared water after each application of dye has been absorbed).  I then spot on some of the remaining dye to give brighter spots.  Once the last dye has been absorbed hang to dry.  This is sooooo easy and you can really play and have fun with colour when you try this method.

Finished another purse for this weekends show – I really do love making purses.  They are small pieces of “art” and quick to hook up and put together.  And everyone is different – no time to get bored!!!  This is the latest purse:

I am also getting a painting from Lison Salois.  I met Lison a few years ago at Art in the Park in Ottawa when we were both doing the show.  I love her whimsical funky colourful paintings and Lison did this one just for me!!!!!  Sheep and penny rugs – can you imagine anything better for a hooker!!!

You can find Lison’s work on her website Lison does a number of shows – Fanfayr being one.  Next weekend I am doing the Quoi de Neuf show in Sutton Quebec and will meet up with Lison and bring my painting home with me!  Am also meeting up with a friend I have not seen in years – Odette.  Odette used to hook with yarn a la Cheticamp technique but the most wonderful amazingly detailed rugs that looked like tapestries because of the fine yarns she used.  Hmmmm wonder if I can get some pix from her of her rugs – a very different look to the usual wool strip hooked rugs but very very beautiful! So excited about going back to the Quoi show and meeting up with friends!


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  1. Thanks, Loretta for the dye tip. Am learning that, just as you say, Lopi is a dream to work with and now with your direction, I can easily ‘juice up’ the colours in the microwave.

    The Etobicoke purses were a delight. You can tell from the women’s faces they were thrilled with their results. I’ve been doing some on my own(after your workshop with our group) and learning some more lessons. The finished products are much more folksy and softer with coat-weight wools, a cavalier rather than controlled approach to design, and hooked in a wider than an 8-cut.

    Truly enjoy your blogs……….Pat(RVBB)

  2. Love your blog, Loretta. What a great painting, love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. Hi Pat – would love to share some of your purses with everyone They were wonderful!!! designs… have a super thanksgiving….loretta

  4. Thanks for the yarn dying info. I am just beginning to spin my own wool and would love to be able to dye it and use it in my rug hooking. I will certainly be trying this.


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