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Soooo Monday afternoon Gord and I left for Etobicoke where I was teaching the talented hookers how to put together their purses.  Now Toronto is NOT MY FAVOURITE CITY – wayyyy toooo big!  I get panic attacks when I have to drive anywhere bigger than Westport (population 700!) – well maybe Kingston!  Anyway we made it to our no tell motel in one piece (thank goodness we drove through Toronto at 7 p.m. so almost! all the traffic had died down!).  We had booked into a motel close to where I would be teaching on Tuesday morning – found a place on the internet that was reasonably priced and professed to be “super clean with no prostitutes or drug dealers in evidence!”.  Hmmmmm does that give you stomach pains!  Got to the NOT SO CLEAN motel and immediately pulled all the sheets and mattress covers off the bed (room had a slightly smoky smell to it even though the sign on the door specifically said it was a nonsmoker!!! – but WHEN it became so is the question!).  Ahhhhhh no little brown specks – god are bedbugs brown?  All I know was that a friend told me to check for brown specks – would that be bug poo? Found nothing – sheets seemed clean and bed felt good.  Checked the TV – or rather hubby did while I was unpacking – and I heard a Hoot and “hey what kind of motel did we book into – the first station that popped up on the screen was the PORN station!!! ughhhhh. Anyway we figured out how to get NON PORN and off we went for a late dinner – ran across 6 lanes of traffic on Dundas Street (almost flattened in the last few seconds) and had spicy chili – probably NOT a good idea at 8 p.m. which is my usual bed time!  But I profess – I slept well!!! Did not dream about what might be causing the itching feeling (I think it was all in my mind) and woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the hookers! Oh did I mention that as we were preparing to run back through 6 lanes of traffic there was a police car in the motel parking doing a verrrrrryyyy slow driveby!!!  So much for the no prostitutes and drugdealers!  🙂

Next morning after a great coffee in the lobby and sustenance at my favourite coffee shop – TH! – off to work with the ladies on purse construction.  WELL it was a wonderful class!!!!  Prepared or unprepared we got those purses all put together in the class.  Some of the ladies had already finished their purses!!! one as a pouch for hooking “stuff” rather than a purse (loved that).  I had a great time working with these ladies and took a lot of pix of hookers with finished purses (my apologies to those ladies whose pix I did not get in time!).  I am going to post some below – a couple of the ladies in the class were 90 years old and walked away with amazing purses.  Thanks to Sandra England for organzing this fun day!

So today I work on getting more prepared for our tour this weekend.  I think my stuff is all set up! Also have to prepare myself mentally to meet up in the parking lot in Westport at 7:15 Saturday morning to do a radio interview for Lake FM – hmmm hooker in the parking lot!  Last time I did this Hugh introduced me by asking me if I was really a hooker!!!!  Always with the hooker jokes!!!!


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  1. Wow, the purses are terrific. Now there are lots of Loretta Moore designed purses walking around the greater Toronto area. Fantastic advertising! Maybe people will swarm from TO this weekend for your show!

  2. Hey Loretta…what a great post…love the pictures of the purses…gee, maybe I need one afterall. Isn’t it funny how a couple of years in the country can turn us into city-fearing folk!

  3. Michele Phillips

    Love that you showed the hookers modeling their purses. Great way to show them off!!

  4. Yes Liz as I gazed out the window of the sleazy motel at all the hUGGGGE buildings and lights surrounding us I realised that trees, lake (instead of buildings), animals (even the bear), fireflies (instead of street lights), croaking bullfrogs (instead of traffic) were much more appealing to me …

  5. The purses are fabulous!!!! love them all. Cynthia

  6. I had a great time! The hooked design is simple but looks wonderful put together. Never though I’d make a hooked purse! Thank you for your design, instruction and patience. Gemma LeFresne-


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