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So for the last few days I could not figure out WHY MY PICTURES were soooooo tiny – even with my 2.5 reading glasses I could not see them (although you can click on them and get an enlarged version). Yesterday I decided I better figure out what the problem was.  I am a techno dummy – soooo computer illiterate that it is not (well maybe it is!) funny.  Anyway as you can see I did figure it out! A very simple fix! So my pictures will once again be viewable by normal eyes – no magnifiers necessary! If you do want to see them full size just click on them.

Have I mentioned I live in the woods on the lake far from too much civilization? On Sunday we had a great pike in the water right beside the dock and a muskrat trying to climb onto the under paddle of the paddleboat.  The next day we found the teensiest tiniest baby snapper in the pond. That was amazing as once our friendly (so friendly she lets me rub her head!) mama snapper drags her butt all the way up our steep hill from the lake to lay her eggs the racoons usually dig up and eat every egg.  We are not sure where this little guy came from but he seems to be quite happy in the pond with our bull frogs! Thursday we had a BEAR!!!! outside the house!  Naturally when Gord told me there was a bear I got so excited I rushed out yelling where where is the bear!!!!  Not a smart thing to do if there is a hungry bear in the driveway! Gord reminded me that I was acting rather rashly – well actually he asked me if I was nuts! and I zipped back into the house!  Then in the afternoon I gave Di some scraps to put out for the deer and coons and didn’t she start yelling and screaming – oh god the bear has got her I thought.  Well nope – no bear – she had spied a couple of wild turkeys in the woods and got about as excited as I did! So it has been an exciting week animal wise.  Of course the deer  are hanging around waiting for us to fill the deer feeder, our resident tame chipmunk – Theodore – eats out of my hand and we have a stray kitten driving the rest of the cats absolutely bonkers! They slam themselves into the screens trying to get him – I think they are jealous as it only appears to be my male cats who have been fixed who get upset – the stray has NOT been fixed – very evident!

A friend of mine, France, is currently doing a huge floor rug.  France and her husband came to see me last year and asked if I would hook 6 chairpads for their dining room. I, instead, proposed that she take my beginner class and hook them herself! which she did between May and December of last year – 6 wonderful chair pads which her husband, Cam, designed and colour planned.  I dyed the wool and made up the patterns and she hooked the mats. Now she is doing this wonderful rug full of fall maple leaves – again a piece that she and Cam designed and colour planned. Border rows are hooked and now she is starting on the leaves – these are the wools I dyed and cut this morning for her yellow leaves. Mother nature sure knocks herself out in the fall so I hope I have done justice to her colours (spot dyes, solids, textures, abrashed):

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  1. Poor poor Gord! You gals and creatures are gonna drive him nuts!
    Although I did the same thing in Kirkland Lake, Patrice and I saw a bear walking along our road so we jumped in my car and followed it to get a picture….as I watched his big fuzzy butt walking off into the bush I realized he was as big as my Equinox car I was driving and my that good idea was in fact a very bad idea! Another time Vince was called to a dumpster in a resturant parking lot, the waitresses couldnt go home in their cars…there was a bear sitting on his bum, eating spaghetti out of the garbage…Vince turned on the lights, the sirens, shot in the air….but the bear wouldnt leave until all the spaghetti was gone-then he just wandered off into the woods…maybe to look for a nice Chianti to wash down the spaghetti.
    I love love your colors…do you think autumn colors appeal to men as much as they do to women? We girls all seem to love that palette.

  2. not sure what appeals to men – and do we really care haha… I love the bear story – also loved the hooking in prison comment – what was it you said Wendy – making hooks out of mattress springs and ripping bedsheets and showing the boys how to hook with a toilet seat as a frame!!!!


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