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This was THE MOST STUNNING morning on the lake – we sat on the dock (thank god we have a canopy as it was raining!!!) and the colours were amazing – sky and water were a deep deep smoky blue (it was only about 6:30) and the sun was just coming up and the trees with just a hint of fall colour were glowing.  It was breathtaking.  All I could think was I neeeeeed to dye these colours and hook this! Not that I love hooking landscapes but something small would be fun.  Then the rain started – very gentle and a slight mist that made it even more unearthly.  I think most rughookers must be colour driven (term I learned from my friend Sheila who does the most amazing landscapes mixing wool and yarns and various textures). I just gasp sometimes at the colours surrounding me.  So this morning was a morning to die/dye for!

Just finished off a small piece that I attached to the washstand harp I bought at the junk man.  I like the way it all turned out.  Added old hooks and made it into a functional piece – yeahhhh for functional – and another finished piece ready for our studio tour next weekend(Thanksgiving).

Because of the old chippy paint look of the wooden piece I wanted the small rug to be a bit more toned down with less contrast.  Last year a bunch of us took a class down in Canaindaigua with Jayne Hester whose speciality is hooking that old faded look using as is plaids and textured woolens.  I did a pattern by Edyth O’Neil in the class and it was definitely out of my usual colour comfort zone but in the end I do think it had a more faded old antiquey look to it:

The other day someone asked me how I do corners – corners seem to be a real headache when we are finishing our rugs.  Well I DON’T DO CORNERS.  Or at least very rarely.  I read in a book – I believe it was Creating an Antique Look in Hand-Hooked Rugs by Cynthia Norwood – that making your corners slightly rounded made finishing the edges so much easier – no more sharp corners that never come out square when you are whipping or even putting on a show binding.  So for the last few years I have done all my “corners” that way and it realllllly is much easier to finish the rugs – less bulk and nicely rounded “corners”. By the way, if you love old antique looking rugs – get this book.  It is a wonderful book on how to achieve this look and I have reread it many times and recommend it highly.

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  1. Loretta, your harp piece is beautiful. I can’t wait to do mine but Lord knows when that will be but I just love how yours looks. It really came together well.

    I can just picture you sitting on the dock with your coffee in hand admiring the scenery. The trees out where I’m living are certainly starting to turn and some of the colors are truly beautiful. I have to say we’ve had a nice fall so far. Let’s hope it keeps up.


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