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Yesterday I had a dye class – Cindy and Liz came and here is a picture of their new stash of wool (probably would have shown up better on a white background but we were so excited about the wool…).  We did primitive value dyeing in the pot, spot dyeing, dip dyeing and dyeing background for Cindy’s oakleaf runner.

Also asked hubby if he could make up another frame similar to the one I used for the G7 tree – did I mention it took almost a month for him to make that one!  I find that unless it involves man toys i.e. John Deere tractor or leaf blower – things don’t get done quickly around here!  So if I could figure out a way of using either of those I am sure my frames would be piled up knee deep!!!  Anyway, halfway through the day he popped into the dye kitchen with a frame in hand – proud of himself for getting it done so quickly!

The only problem was – it was WAY TOOOOO BIG!  But you wanted the inside diameter 15 x 17 – NO I wanted the OUTSIDE diameter 15 x 17!  So a few hours later he popped back in with the rejigged frame!  I guess I cannot complain as it did not take a month!  Now I just have to find the time to actually finish off the Cat face.

I went to the junk man a few months ago and bought a reclaimed harp off a wash stand and a few old chippy hooks.  Well, in the process of pulling the harp off the wall I dropped it all the way down the steps to the first floor.  It was in a few pieces but not damaged – just needed reglueing as all the joints had come apart.  So hubby (whose name is Gord!) reglued all the joints, screwed on the old rusty chippy hooks et voila – a new piece to attach a rug to.  Would look great in an entry way or in a bathroom with hand towels.  Now I have to design something old and use soft antiquey colours as I want it to work with the chippy colour of the harp.

Oh I should mention my new way of antiquing shiny new screws which REALLY DID NOT WORK with the old rusty painted hooks – bleach and vineagar together in a jar OUTSIDE!  This forms a chlorine gas – DO NOT BREATHE THE GAS and put it in an area where it will not be hazardous to humans or animals!!!!!   Very dangerous but it worked wonderfully – pitted and aged those shiny screws wonderfully – of course they will probably continue to rot and fall apart!!! would have been MUCH EASIER to buy old screws from the junkman!!!!

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  1. Hey Loretta
    Yesterday was a great day by the lake!
    My eyes were brimming, starting with the fall colours on the drive and ending with all
    your great wool and the majic in pots.
    Thanks for all the great tips.
    See you soon,

  2. Good work on the new screws.hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    Without meaning to, I left some Plumbers’ Helper or something akin to it in a bathrooom sink and got similar results. It appears there is no way to undo the damage without replacing the part.

    You probably wouldn’t use such strong acids on your septic system…..but it may be one easier way to antique your screws and other metal parts in the dead of winter when you don’t want to create witches’ cauldrons outdoors…..thanks for your blogging…Pat RVBB


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