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Ahhhh back to dyeing wool – this time Maud Lewis colours.  A tad brighter than my usual but a bit more toned down than the “Karla” colours.  Our workshop is coming up FAST and I need to get a bunch of wonderful Maud colours – solids (over various textures) and spotdyes for the trees.  Today it was spicy red and a spot dye over wool fabric and slub for maple trees and pine trees.  Maud has some UNUSUAL trees in her paintings – salmony pink and white spotty trees – not sure what they are – probably some spring flowering tree -but I think I might just have to make it a different colour.  My SPRING rug may turn into AUTUMN – artistic licence!!!

Since my last post I did!!! finish hooking my Karla runner – it still needs cleaning up and binding but the hooking is done and I am reallllllly happy about this rug.  Had fun fun fun hooking it in my colours and I think it works well.  So good to see that Karla’s wonderful patterns can be done in either colour way – bright or dirty!

Had a visit from friends from Wolfe Island – Suzanne and David.  Suzanne had taken a rughooking class from me a few years ago and just finished off her second piece – her first piece was a hooked cover for a footstool which she actually upholstered to the footstool (a very BRAVE undertaking!).  Her second was a small prodded sunflower which she wanted to attach to the front of a tote bag she will make.  So yesterday we attached it to the fabric of the tote bag and prodded the edge.  I think it turned out really well – a very funky way of attaching a piece to fabric and DEAD EASY.  We zigzagged 1/2 inch from the hooking and then another 1/2 inch beyond that mitering the corners.  Then we turned under the backing at the first 1/2 inch zigzag line – that gave us a turnunder of half an inch and half an inch of backing outside the hooked border to prod.  Suzanne basted it to the fabric and then we stitched by machine on a very short stitch in the very last row of holes all the way around.  Then we tore strips one inch wide and about 2 inches long, trimmed them into a soft point with the scissors and prodded them through one layer of the backing all the way around the mat.  Now Suzanne is going to stitch together the bag but the hooked piece is very sturdily attached.  Fun new funky way to finish the edge and use a sewing machine!!!!

A few weeks ago I posted pix of a few shelves that Wendy’s husband, Vince, had made out of recycled wood.  One of the shelves was bought by Sandi and here is what she did with it – looks WONDERFUL!!!! I am kicking myself that I did not react a bit faster!!!!

The shelf is surrounded by all sorts of wonderful primitive pieces Sandi has collected – the mirror on the bottom in the center is carved and painted by our friend Donna!!!! and the little rug beside it was hooked by me.  Hmmmm I think the little black angel beside the mirror might have been hooked by Laura – not sure.  But I think the shelf and all the primitives look wonderful.

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  1. Love it all! Runners sunflowers and shelves…all so beautiful…!

  2. I love Sandi’s shelf. She decorates so well. Now if only I could find an empty wall space for one of Vince’s primitive shelves!


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