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Well here I am back home with wonderful vacation behind me.  We stayed with friends up on Lake Huron in Kincardine.  Hubby always refers to the lake as the ocean and I must admit – this visit it LOOKED AND ACTED like ocean – waves were 10 feet high if not more and whitecaps – not boat or beach weather but wonderful walking weather.  So we walked (hubbies golfed), and checked out gardens and wonderful little shops.  I found a great little shop with – yup PRIMITIVES! I had met the owner in Ottawa at the spring Signatures show and had totally forgotten that she was in Kincardine until we found her wonderful little shop.  It was FULL of goodies but I restrained myself and only bought one piece to hang outside the front door and fill with seasonal stuff. Well, I also bought some STUFF to put in it!  Went to a little gallery and bought a wonderful funky little Moose which I will use as an ornament on my very primitive Charlie Brown tree this Christmas.  Wish I knew who the artist was to give her credit for the picture below:

Our friends have a wonderful new trailer that is like a small high end home!  Solid cherry cabinets, fancy counters and  A REAL BED FOR GUESTS.  The last time we stayed with them in their older trailer we slept head to toe as the bed was just a tad narrow – head to toe is NOT a good thing when your husband has hairy toes with long nails.  I woke up one night with his toes scratching my face and him spooning my feet!

So did not get a ton of hooking done but I am working on the Karla runner and here are some pix of the rug in progress – hope to get it finished this week:

This is a runner combining Happy Houses  at one end (the black sky) and On the Knoll at the other end (Maple Sugar sky) with fields overlapping in the center.  I used a bit of licence on these as I am hooking in 8.5 for the most part and did not enlarge the patterns so eliminated some details and smaller elements.  It looks so different in my dirtier older colours but I am having fun and loving it.   Now that I see the pix though I do see areas that need some “tweaking” before it is finished and you can see I still have a bit! of work to do but I will post the finished piece hopefully by the weekend!!!!  hmmm mighty ambitious!!!

Also got my G7 tree framed.  My friend Elizabeth Worrall had her husband build a stretcher frame for her Emily Carr piece.  She gave me directions on how to make the frame and attach the rug – the frame itself has to be the same size as the finished rug using wood about 1 1/2 inches square. Sew a 2 inch wide strips on each side of the finished rug with an overlap of about an inch at each end (sewn on by hand similar to show binding finishing that I talked about in a previous post).  Once this is sewn on wrap and staple the wool strips to the back of the frame stretching it as you staple(not toooo tightly but tight enough so that your piece does not bag and sag). Next fold in the ends and hand stitch them together and covered the entire back with another piece of wool.  I must admit it was a bit intimidating but once it was done the finished piece looks great and I am thinking of finishing Mr. Fleatwo in the same way. Another great finishing technique!

Backside still needs a sawtooth but you can see it is a really nice finish for a piece that has a lot of texture.


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  1. The Karla pattern looks wonderful with your “dirty “colours”. The colours you have selected work beautifully together. Love the dark background!

  2. I recognize your moose ornament from the Victoria Park Gallery in Kincardine, it is by talented artist Patti Wheeler.

    • ohhhh thank you Andrea that is wonderful yes that is wehre i bought it and I loooovvee it! i actually would like to get a few more as they are wonderful ornies….loretta

      • I just got back from 2 month stay in San Diego and was excites to see this posting. Thanks to Andrea for sharing the post. I live in guelph Ontario now and sell my work through a few shops and co ops. I would be glad to ship you more of my moose. You can contact me… Thank you for the compliments…it was a great thing to come home to and makes me want to get back to work on my whimsical wire art….:). Patti Wheeler

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