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What a great weekend – spent the weekend at Donna’s and did the Fiberfest show in Almonte.  This year Fiberfest was spread over 3 locations and included yarns, knitted items, quilting, fabrics, sheep locks (bought a bag of those to use in a hooked sheep), buttons!, weaving, spinning, hooking, felting supplies and finished items – just tons of fiber arts and supplies.  It was wonderful.  Also bought a wonderful golden nubbly yarn for hooking.

Seems Montreal was the destination for husbands this weekends – Donna and mine both went – not together and for different reasons but that meant we got to hook hook hook and yack Friday and Saturday evening. I had drawn out a Karla Gerard pattern – well I actually combined 2 – and started it friday night and got quite a bit done this weekend.  I am loving this one just as much as the first one but am using my usual colours.  I think it is going to be great when it is finished although (ugh) have to do some unhooking as my tree trunk is too dark against the dark sky – hope to get it done in the next week or so (well maybe a bit longer as we are going away for almost a week!) but it is definitely fun.  Karla’s patterns were a biggggg hit at Fiberfest.  Sold about half the patterns I took along with me!  Will have to see what I have left and I guess order more!!!!

Donna worked on her pineapple rug – it is definitely coming along!  Yesterday she worked as a volunteer demonstrator and got a bit more done! I have included pix of some of her rugs that she took with her this weekend – a few of them are in the hooking phase still (oh I guess I won’t post pix of the rugs that I have still in the hooking phase!!!):

Adaptation of a pattern by Marion Hamm – Donna simplified the border

This rug is actually done out of nylons.  You know all those pantyhose none of us wear anymore because 1. does anyone wear skirts anymore? and 2.  means we have to shave our legs!!!!  Anyway, I had taken a class with Hedore Gionet who is the nylon rug expert in Ontario.  He is a wonderful hooker and teacher.  When I returned from the class Donna and I stripped colour out of the pantyhose, overdyed them and she started her rug.  Now that rug has been in process for a while!  Nylon rugs are amazingly durable – those pantyhose NEVER DIE!  They are hooked into a manmade polyester fiber called Verel so are totally washable butttt they just don’t hook up as quickly as wool 8.5 cut strips!  They end up the size of a number 6 – 7 cut and you do hook more tightly sooooo not exactly sure when this lovely rug will be finished.

This rug is wonderful!  It is a Patty Armstrong design called Spirit Dance.  Much of it is hooked in yarns and sari silks so it has wonderful texture.  I met Patty when I was taking a class at Trent and she showed her version of this pattern.  I asked her if she could adapt it a bit and make it more age appropriate i.e. saggy breasts and bigger thighs!  Those skinny legs and perky breasts were something I had not experienced in decades!  Patty did a wonderful job of ageing her dancing woman.  I love this pattern and love the way Donna has hooked it – oh it was not finished so changes were made on Saturday after I took the photo – flowers added into the field on the right in purples and blues to mimic the colours on the other side and the tree was finished. SO THIS ONE IS DONE!  Yeah!!!! If you look closely at the tree you will see a technique that Pam Langdon taught in her Maud Lewis class called bundling – small circles hooked and filled in and then hooked around to create a wonderful tree with great movement.

This is the rug Donna designed in the Jule Marie workshop – it is going to be an amazing rug.  Donna’s oldest son, Kyle, is a wonderful musician – piano, guitar etc. He and his dad put on great jam sessions (Bill I know you are reading this!!!!).  So the rug is based on a song that Kyle wanted included in the rug as well as the red runners he wears when he plays.  The keyboard and guitar are obvious and the brick wall with the wild writing represents graffiti.  It has soooo much meaning – I think the plan is to actually take his shoelaces and work them into one of the runners.  This rug will definitely be Celebration worthy!!!!

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  1. I had such a wonderful time this weekend hooking and yacking with you. Thanks for posting the pics of my rugs. I should take photos more often as one gets a totally different perspective of the rug. It’s almost like they were created by someone else so you could critique them using a different eye.

  2. Donna, your rugs are wonderful. It must feel so good to have one finished. (mine are always so long in coming, that once it’s done, I really feel like celebrating!!) I especially love Kyle’s, you can almost feel the love that you’ve put into it. A treasure for sure!
    Glad you had such a great time….friends and hooking….what more could you ask for!



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