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So does everyone find they need a finishing day (or 2 or 3) occasionally.  When you catch up on ALLLLL the projects that are hooked but not finished!  This morning I made my list:
1.  line mittens
2.  finish sewing purse
3.  frame the G7 tree
4.  hook tree, rock and sky in border of seagull rug
5.  prepare new piece for weekend to demo rughooking
6.  tongues on fall mat
and then I did tomorrows list! Not sure how much of this I will get done especially since I still want to go up and stain the walls in the porch!!!  Will that happen – would be a great day for it.  And at 3 I am meeting Val for a long fall walk (will it rain?).
WELL number 1 is off the list but it took a long time.  When I originally put the mittens together I, of course, did not read the instructions.  I finally broke down and read them and put the body of the mitten together but this morning as I was putting together the lining and could not stuff my hand into it I realised hmmm I forgot to add the 1/4 inch seam allowance to my mittens and lining – guess I did not read those instructions too well afterall.  So since cutting and sewing all new lining was not in the plan! I decided these are fall mittens (I am in my 50’s and don’t need a lot of heat on my hands anyway).  I turned them inside out and lined ONLY the hooked part with lovely soft thin polar fleece (dollar store scarf!) then turned under and stitched the cuff and DONE!!!   They fit me perfectly and look great and won’t be too hot in the winter (I usually just stick my hands in my pockets anyway!).  Nowwww I am ready to teach the class!!!

Well that took a LOT LONGER than I thought it would so on to number 2 – finishing the purse.  All I have to do now is sew in the lining and it will be done.  Cannot do number 3 without help from hubby who is not here so that will be tonight so hmmm onto those tongues.  Do I or don’t I do tongues.  Realised yesterday when I started one that I don’t love doing the wool applique anymore but I really do love the look – this is an idea of what I am trying to do.  Will play with it! good TV work!

That still leaves a LOT of work to get through today! Maybe  no staining afterall!!!!

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  1. Hey Loretta
    Make sure to show us what the tree, rock and sky look like on the border of seagull rug.
    It sounds fascinating!

  2. well it might sound more exciting than it is haha… but if it turns out well i will post it!!!

  3. I have made a bit a rule for myself or I would never do any finishing….don’t like it! I must finish one project before starting to hook another. However, I have been know to bend this rule from time to time. I am impressed with your ambitious “to do” list.


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