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I love doing shows – well I must admit 3 day shows are a bit long when you are old! or older!  But how can I complain about  hooking and talking with people about hooking and seeing friends that I have not seen in a while AND BEING IN THE SAME ROOM AS THE TRUFFLE FOLKS!  Every year there is a new truffle flavour and NONE of them are what you would expect i.e. Satin’s Kiss is one of my favourites – dark chocolate with hot peppers!!!!  The great part about being with the truffle people (Kathleen’s Kitchen), is that occasionally I get to serve if Jack or Kathleen are busy dishing out their delicious homemade gelato.  So then of course I get to sample!!!!! and cut up the ones that I WANT TO SAMPLE! So if the weather holds it will be a great weekend for all.

I have added a Mitten class to my events list – to be held in my studio over 2 days.  If you are interested please check details under events and get in touch to register so that I can order the correct number of kits from Tish.

I resurrected one of my older fall kits for the season – I am thinking punkins again and crows and all things fall-like!  This is Crow on a Punkin and you will find this kit in my Online store.  Imagine this mat (which hooks up quickly) on a small table or antique box with a great mini punkin (preferably a couple of orange and white ones) and some bittersweet – oh I need to start decorating!!!!  This weekend I am working on a hit and miss oval mat in navies, oranges, rusts and tans – a small mat again for fall decorating.  I think I might attempt another appliqued tongue border on this one. Would be a fun finish to a simple hit and miss.


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  1. Really enjoyed ourselves at Sundance…a first class act! I was so busy talking to you and another student of yours….I missed the truffles counter….Rats! My husband found it and enjoyed some!!! Ate it all!!! Maybe that’s good!….Enjoyed our meal, would sure love to know ,where they buy their Turkey Cranberry Sausage Mmmmmmh Good!
    Always a fun day!Such talented people.

  2. Thanks for hooking us up to Sundance also…the gardens were so beautiful and relaxing, great food and music-cold beer(hubbies fav part)artist’s were amazing, and the truffles c’est bon! Although we enjoyed satin’s kiss, the blueberry wine was my fav!


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