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So how many people do you know who can turn a boxed dessert into a flop?  Well I can – twice!!!!!   Lemon Meringue Pie – out of a box!  the lemon part worked but I had to do the meringue 2 times to get something that was not watery and runny and then it turned out to be only about 1/4 inch high!  So it was pretty obvious it was not store bought (well the box of mix was but we won’t go there!).  Key lime cheesecake – 1.  the cheese went curdley and grainy and 2. would not set!  The oreo cookie crust did not say bake!!!! does one bake these things – I did!  I think it was a tad burnt!  Slapped in that key lime filling and hmmm 3 hours later in the fridge still not thick enough to cut – thick enough to spoon but grainy – texture is good in hooking – but not good in cheesecake!!! So in a panic I called hubby who was on his way back from the hospital and he hit the first bakery in Perth and bought a tarte – unfortunately with nuts (oh oh nut allergies!) so off he went to the bakery in Westport where he bought a pie.  So now we had 3 edible desserts.  Left the runny key lime at home to be eaten by who knows! Hmmm might have to have some friends over for dessert!!!!

Just finished dyeing Mad for Maud blues.  We have a retreat this November with Pam Langdon teaching us how to hook Maud’s paintings as mats.  We all ordered our patterns from Highland Heart Hookery who have the rights to reproduce the paintings as rughooking patterns and now I am madly dyeing all those wonderful brights Maud used in her paintings. My pattern is either Springtime or Mauds Farmyard and both have a lot of that wonderful blue in the sky or water.  Here is the blue formula (see second rug down for sample of the blue):

8/16 Magic Carpet Blue

4/16 Prochem 425 National Blue

over about a yard of wool.  If you want a deeper darker value use more dye or less wool.

This is a Maud Lewis pattern I hooked in Pam’s class a few years ago at Trent School of Rughooking:

This is Andrea with her Digby Gut:

and… Pam with one of the MANY Maud rugs she has hooked:

Now off to do some of the greens!

Don’t forget SUNDANCE STUDIO TOUR this weekend in Maberly – Saturday to Monday.  This is a wonderful show and is in its final year (sadly) :-(.

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  1. Dearest Loretta….I have always thought meringue was tricky, especially on a humid Ontario summer day….and I used to be considered a good cook. Now I know enough to not worry about my cooking reputation. And given your rug hooking and dying skills, you absolutely do NOT have to worry about becoming a dessert maker. However, at this time of year, fruit cobblers (e.g. peach) are dead easy. And last week I made something where you put the cakey stuff on the bottom of the pan and then the fruit on top, and it dropped through as the cakey part rose, and it was deeeelicious…a big hit. I will make one for you some day. But you…just focus on the fibre 🙂

  2. The Country Mouse

    We all have our God-given talents…bless you and your amazing hooking skills! An x-tra blessing for your special creative cooking skills!! And, no, pls. don’t include me in your list of invités for left-over dessert…I just may be on a diet that day!!!

    Fabulous Maud rugs…bet she’d be so proud to see her work lovingly reproduced in these beautiful mats.

    See y’a at Sundance!


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