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MITTENS (unfinished!)…

Okay, so yesterday I said  that I would post a picture of the finished mittens today – well I did not finish them as I need polar fleece to line them so did not post and I have been getting rather pushy emails (would that be you Wendy!!!!) asking for pictures 🙂 (wow I have been seeing those little smiley faces for ages and just figured them out – yes I know – a little slow!!!!)  So here are my (sadly) unfinished mittens (I folded in the cuff a bit so they LOOK finished!):

You can actually see lovely FINISHED ones on Tish Murphy’s website where you can also order the kit at a very reasonable price.  The kit I ordered included the pattern drawn on monks cloth and instructions (don’t do as I did – READ THE INSTRUCTIONS). But you can also order the entire kit with wool and polar fleece lining – then YOUR mittens would be FINISHED!  I used about 1/4 yard of wool to do the actual mitten and used the balance to hook my background.  So having the entire kit is not a bad idea as it would have been cheaper than me hopping into the car to drive 45 minutes to the nearest store that would carry polar fleece!
Today is gourmet cooked dinner evening again with Donna and Wendy and spouses! My turn for dessert – I was really debating taking my pie plates to the local bakery and having them make something in the pie plates that I could pass off as home made!  But decided I would actually try to make something – probably will not work out and I will still have to make a trip to the bakery.  Ohhhhh, must go and dye wool! Reaction to cooking again!

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  1. I love them! (Says pushy Wendy)
    I am so sorry, didnt realize you had a “condition”
    a allergy to cooking?
    there is a t-shirt or pin:
    alert: allergy to cookin
    so I just keep hookin
    hate makin pie
    I’d rather dye!

  2. Donna-set three extra place settings…the geese r comin too!


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