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Well I have been dyeing those fall colours again.  It is getting nippier in the morning – fog on the lake!  Wonderful weather! Here is a lovely colour I came up with a number of years ago and named Brick Red:

1/16 Turkey Red (Cushings)

1/16 Red Brown (Magic Carpet)

1/16 Chocolate Brown (Magic Carpet)

1/128 Bottle Green (Magic Carpet)

1/64 Red (Magic Carpet)

This will give you a nice deep value over 1/8 but I dyed up well over a yard and a half by multiplying everything by 12 – if you want lighter values pull them out once they reach the value you want (remember though that when it dries it will be lighter again) and then put it back in the pot once the dye has been absorbed to set.  I love this mixed with olive green and rich gold…

and a new Punkin (a bit more orangey than Antique Punkin):

8/16 Orange (Magic Carpet)

4/16 Red Brown (Magic Carpet)

2/16 Yellow (Magic Carpet)

over about 1 1/4 yards of mixed medium tones of camel, oatmeal, yellow etc.  I did not use any offwhite when I dyed this because I thought it might be a bit too in your face orange but there is a piece of grey houndstooth that shows you what the colour might look like over just plain old offwhite.

Yesterday I visited a friend, Val, who took one of my beginner classes me about 3 years ago (or was it 4 – time flies!!!!).  Val took to hooking like a dog to water! She hooked the first piece from one of my kits – her second piece, which she designed herself, drew out, colour planned and dyed for was the bluejay and then the robin was her third.  She has also done an amazing raven and just finished a big yellow finch on coneflowers.  Her next piece will be a cardinal in winter.  I love the way Val finishes her pieces – nothing ordinary about these finishing techniques!!!! and the birds are BIGGGGGG!  Val has a wonderful texturey look to her hooking and hooks, rips out, rehooks, rips out and hooks again. I am sure some of these pieces have been hooked 3 – 4 times! But when you have a vision!!!!

This weekend I started hooking mittens – well one pair!  This was a kit I got from Tish Murphy – one of Tish’s kits is what got me so excited about rughooking years ago.  Anyway, the hooking was easy but wow when it came to sewing and putting together I thought I was a tad dyslexic!   Kept putting things together backwards so decided hmmm instructions are there for a reason!!!!  Tish has great instructions and once I read them slowly! and thoroughly! I actually put the mittens together.  They are wonderful so once I have finished I will post a picture and Tish’s website so you can check them out for yourself. I think they will be a great addition to go with one of my purses.

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  1. Val’s bird rugs are stunning. The colour choices are superb…the frames are perfect for her primitive rugs!

  2. Hi Cathy Yes I loooovvvee what she does with her pieces not worried about straight borders or whether they are perfectly flat – she just does the most artistic finishes with them…

  3. Amazing framing on those rugs!!! I think that her artistry in finishing is a gift unto itself. Sometimes a bad framing can ruin a good rug, but definitely not in this case.

    So where’s the picture of the mittens??????

  4. Wow what amazing rugs Val has created. She sure is talented. She has a real artistic flare to her hooking, something to cherish. I look forward to pics of her raven and goldfinch.

  5. Hi Wendie NO pix of mittens until tomorrow!!!! well they wont be lined and i probably wont be able to line the thumb without it looking and feeling like a sausage!!!! but they are cute and fun so … will show you all once they are finished. Yes Vals finishing techniques are wonderful!

  6. Wow! It’s so amazing! You are so good in dyeing and mixing colours such that you can artistically create wonderful designs on the carpets.


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