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The other day I posted a picture of a small Daisy mat by my friend Linda Beckel – not to be confused with Linda Heatherington of the wonderful gardens and antique rugs!  or Linda from Rose Haven Farm!!! There are a LOT of Lindas out there it seems – and very few Lorettas!  Linda kindly sent me the following pictures of her wonderful rugs – check out all the different textures (yarns and hooking techniques) she has used in her rugs.

“Quebec-Memories of Home”, designed The Country Mouse (that would be Linda)

“Hi There”, pattern from Rittermere Hurst Field, with adaptation

“Canada Geese in Flight”,pattern from Rittermere Hurst Field, with adaption

Grandparents’ house…”Neuville”, designed by The Country Mouse

I will be teaching a class at Rose Haven Farm Store on November 19 about introducing texture to your rugs using wool strips, yarns, silks and different hooking techniques.  This replaces the class previously scheduled for September 24 on landscapes, however, we will also look at using these techniques in landscapes in the November class.  If you are interested in the class please call the store to register.

Just added Midnight Beaver as a kit to the online store. A few years ago we were only coming up to the house on weekends.  We noticed that a lot of saplings were disappearing – not that I minded as we are built on 8 acres of bush and there are a LOT of trees and these were just scrubby poplars.  It was all cleaned up neat and tidy. One day hubby came in and dragged me out of the house and THERE WAS MR. BEAVER CHOWING DOWN on one of our trees in the middle of the day – you have to understand that we are up a steeeeeep hill from the lake and it was a long climb up but an even longer climb down with tree branches dragging behind him.  It was so funny – had to make it up as a rug! Only wish we had met up with him earlier – we could have marked the trees we needed taken down to build the house and saved a lot of money!!!  In the meantime, he has moved up and down the lake taking down the occasional tree along the shoreline.  He is rather industrious!

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