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Yesterday I got a shock – got an email asking if I was going to be in Kingston this sunday for a show – holy cow – I thought it was the following Sunday!  So THIS SUNDAY, August 21, I will be participating in the Women’s Art Festival in City Park in Kingston – booth 115.  This is a wonderful show with over 200 women artists participating.  Artists donate 20% of their sales and a piece for the silent auction – proceeds are used to fund various women’s organizations.  There will also be live music, food etc.  For more information visit the website . Usually the day of the show there is some kind of car show going on! Can you tell cars don’t interest me all that much!!!! well at all!  However, probably a good venue for the male companions!

I also had company – Meryl and Elizabeth.  Meryl brought her recently completed rug of her son’s dog.  It is a beautiful rug!  Do you see how nice and flat it is – it was steamed at the cleaners!  This is something I have never done but am very interested in trying now – especially for those bigger rugs.  Just make sure that wherever you take it they know what they are doing – Meryl took hers to a cleaners in Brockville who does!   A friend of mine, Andrea, actually rolls her larger rugs in a wet towel overnight – I believe right side out.  This usually flattens out a lot of lumps and bumps but personally I love the idea of someone else doing that pressing work!

I have attached pictures of some of Linda’s antique rugs, own hooked rugs and gardens. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.  Linda is an amazing hooker – especially when you realise that she has only been hooking for about 2 years!

The famous (or infamous) antique rug I did NOT buy!

One of Linda’s own hooked rugs based on one of her paintings

One shot of the pond stream – however many of those wonderful plants are now awaiting planting in my waterfall!!!


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  1. Thanks for the eye candy….love Meryl’s dog rug-he is beautiful and so are those vintage rugs!

  2. I love the rug by Linda of the guys fishing above. What is Linda’s last name? He is doing so well.

  3. Woops, I mistyped…”She” is doing so well!


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