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My friend Wendy just finished her G7 rug (G7 is our abbreviation for Group of Seven inspired rugs).  The pattern was actually one that she got from her friend Lily and it is wonderful.  Wendy got permission to enlarge it and did some work on the rug before she went to the annual in London earlier this year and took a class from Heather Ritchie on incorporating “texture” into your rugs.  It has many wonderful yarns and slubs in it as well as proddy.  It is a stunning rug and I have included a picture below:

The other day I mentioned in my post that Wendy’s husband was doing primitive chippy  pieces – well here are 2 of the shelves he just finished – lovvvvee them. They are for sale and I have shown the price – please contact Wendy directly if you are interested in either of these pieces (before I buy them!!!) at

$60.00 – 30″ long x 6″ wide

$100.00 – tin cove molding shelf is 42″ long x 12 1/2″ wide

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Linda’s gardens.  Linda is the rughooker who bought the 2 antique rugs I was just on the point of buying in Odessa.  Well I saw the home they went to and all their companion pieces and am totally okay with Linda getting them.  She has a wonderful extensive collection of antique rugs mixed in with her own hooked rugs and artwork in a lovely old farmhouse surrounded by some of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen.  I walked away with garden envy and a truck load of pond plants and fresh veggies – now the problem is I have to plant all those plants.  I was so disappointed she and her husband Brian did not offer to come and do that for me!!!   Hope to post some pix of the antique rugs and Linda’s own rugs and gardens later this week.


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  1. Wow Wendy’s rug turned out beautifully. I can feel the wind blowing through my hair and sense a storm coming with the dark clouds in the background. Wonderful job.

    Looking forward to seeing some pics from in or around Linda’s house.

  2. Michele Phillips

    Can’t believe it! I just posted a blurb about the Group of Seven on my blog! Great minds think alike!

  3. Michele Phillips

    My blog is called Woolly Mammoth Woolens. Here is the address:

  4. There is another group of Canadian artists you should research…The Beaver Hill Group…mostly female artists based in Montreal who at times did include the likes of Jackson and Harris-you can see their influence in the art of these women who were mostly overshadowed by G7 however the Beaver Hill Group was limited by finance and their gender in those times. I really like their art also, What a co-inky-dink Michele that you are researching landscapes thru G7 also-I think your rug will be fabulous, I did visit your site and saw your pic and pattern-I loved loved loved working with yarns mixed with wool yardage, there was also a reason for hand-cutting all the wool, my premise was the Group of 7 would not have used a cutting machine while on their jaunts into the wilderness in their train car if they would have been rug hookers! I will definitely do a landscape with yarn again, perhaps on a Beaver Hill influenced rug! Own the rug, make it your own, hook what ” you” see not what you think you see and it will be smashing!
    Thanks Loretta for your support and guidance!

    And yes Donna, those clouds show its going to snow soon-well in Kirkland Lake anyway-hope fully not here… yet!


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