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Had a great weekend!  Before they left to go back to Montreal, Diane’s husband made the following frames out of a $5.00 piece of grungy flakey trim they got at Rideau Antiques while we were junking.  Diane also does punch needle and will use these wonderful primitive frames for her punch needle pieces.  I love them!!!!   I am almost done the bigggg Give Ye Thanks pattern and then I want to hook a smaller piece to go inside a great primitive frame that friends of mine, Pete and Bonnie Claude, made a number of years ago (Pete and Bonnie were guest artists for our Studio Tours and made wonderful primitive bird houses, shelves, mirrors, frames but sadly they have retired from their business however I hear Wendy’s husband has taken up this task and was collecting some great pieces to work with at the Odessa antique show last weekend!!!).  I love framing small rugs – gives them so much more presence and impact.

I thought I would share 2 more formulas for fall dyeing.  One is my own, Antique Punkin (yes I  know that is not the way you spell it! computer told me many times!). The other is from a dye book for Magic Carpet dyes by Susan Logue called Past & Present Antique Colours & Spots.  It is called Anjou Pear and I love it either worked into the motifs (with an eggplant background!) or as a background itself.  It is a very soft greyed out green although I know when Donna dyes this colour hers turns out much brighter and greener than mine – must be that different water.  I have a water softener and find my colours much more toned down than when I lived outside of Montreal and was on a well with no softener and reallllly hard water.  My colours then were much brighter.  Years ago there was an interesting article in Rughooking Magazine about how  water in different cities could result in very different colours even though the exact same formula etc. was used.  Thank god mine are older and dirtier right out of the pot or I would have to add a LOT more coffee to age them!!!

Antique Punkin:

3/16 + 1/32 Magic Carpet Orange

1/16 Magic Carpet Moss Green

1/64 Magic Carpet Black

1/16 + 1/32 Prochem 199 Golden Yellow

1/16 Magic Carpet Red Brown

1/128 Magic Carpet Red

over 1/4 yard wool (again I usually dye 1 – 1 1/2 yards of mixed wools all at once in a big pot so adjust the formula based on the amount of wool you use)

The punkin! in this kit was hooked with Antique Punkin

The background of Twin Horses (available as a kit or pattern through my online store) is Anjou Pear.

Oh and here is the purse I hooked based on an adaptation of one of Karla Gerard’s patterns.

I also am posting on the Online Store a used Fraser cutter for sale.  In good working condition (all cleaned up and lubricated) with a number 3 cutter head (what is that anyway – floss?) for $90.00.


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  1. Nice purse. Thanks for the punkin recipe….however, you forgot to post the anjou pear recipe. I still shake my head over the different colours my water produces compared to yours. I have a water softener as well, just different minerals in the water I guess.

  2. Do you sell the Karla Gerard patterns.

    • Hi Shirley I only have a couple of patterns and i would have to charge the shipping and tax so probably easier if you just ordered them directly. I do think I will probably get more in the future but if you are looking for one now Shirley I would get it directly from Karla.


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